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The Wall March 9, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Cyprus Occupied.

The Wall Of Shame >

wall_of_shame.jpg It has been dividing Nicosia in two parts with a Green Line in between. It was standing there, at the end of Ledra Street, since July 1974. Now, it was demolished. Temporarily, for security reasons, replaced with an aluminium partition.

wall_of_shame_after.jpg Until further notice. Until the occupying Turkish military forces withdraw their army. Until Cyprus is united again. Until Peace and Freedom and Justice and Democracy shines at last all over this island, until that time We Do Not Forget! Cyprus and Nicosia’s borders are the currently under Turksih military control and occupied towns of Kyrenia, Morphou, Famagusta, Apostole Andreas Monastery in Karpasia, Xeros and all Greek towns and villages are set free!

Until that time the souls of our Heroes, the souls of our Missing Persons, the souls of our Enclaved Heroic People, the souls of the thousands of Greek Cypriots who became refugees into their own Land, will never rest.

A Wall Of Shame has been demolished. Long Live the Wall Of Shame!

Until that time, when Cyprus will be united, until that time Nicosia will be the last divided City in Europe. Like Berlin used to be.

Until that time Pink Floyd’s The Wall will accompany our dreams and hopes for Peace!

Peace! Let it be!

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