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300 > Greece is the buzz internationally March 10, 2007

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The mainly young male audience rushed into the theatre, father’s brought their sons, even some daughters. When the previews ended the audience roared as the film logo’s rolled. They would soon know that few stood against many.

The story unfolds in ancient Greece, pretell this is a graphic novel adaption from Frank Miller’s top selling “300”. The visual anatomy of this film is astounding. I have seen similiar graphical styles and I have seen only hints of what this film presents.

300spartans1.jpg Dedicated fans of history shouldn’t percieve this movie analitically, but to keep an open mind for what you are about to see. Cinema is the 7th Art and films and movies are made as an art form. They have to be observed just like that. A form of Art. Even in the case when historical facts are manipulated and presented according to the director’s opinion. This is his way of making art. 

300spartans2.jpg The battle scenes are joyous dances of death that portray the elite Spartan soldiers as skillful and masterful heroes that are dedicated to their precious homelands. Blood is shown in a very 2-dimensional manner, but not in such a way to make it unbelievable. It is beautiful, every swing, every slash of the sword. Every drop of blood is filled with style.

300spartans3.jpg The brave King Leonidas is the type of leader that you would fight for, and die for if you were in his Spartan army. The dialogue has meaning and inspiration for anyone who hears it.

Saying that this movie is “Troy” and “Gladiator” on steroids is an understatement. Zack Snyder, the director brought Frank Miller’s graphic novel to epic life. This movie in my eyes has brought film-making to new heights. How will Hollywood top this one?

300spartans4.jpg Fans who have read the graphic novel will not be dissapointed. I read it, this movie is the graphic novel, but displayed in the best way possible. There are a few fatastical creatures in here, however I won’t spoil the fun. Now go watch “300”.

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