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Traditional Greek Easter Feast in New York March 25, 2007

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An Affair to remember! Celebrate “Kalo Pasha” with a traditional Greek Easter Feast at Kellari

The Greeks have always incorporated food, with both its nourishing and symbolic qualities, into their holiday celebrations and rejoicing. The Greek Easter feast is the perfect example of this melding of food and tradition, as it is the time that the fast of Lent is over, and the meal takes on an even grander significance. This year, the joy and beauty of a Greek Orthodox Easter will be an experience to share with friends, as Kellari, 19 West 44th Street; 212-221-0144, the acclaimed new restaurant serving upscale contemporary Greek cuisine, will serve a traditional feast on Sunday, April 8, beginning at 12 noon. This all-day celebration will showcase the vivaciousness and generosity for which Greek culture is famed. The air will be filled with the aroma of a lamb roasting on a spit, and will resound with live Greek music and of course, traditional plate breaking.

The $55.00 three-course prix fixe meal will be served all day long and will feature delicacies executed by Kellari’s executive chef. The first course will be a Magiritsa, or “Easter Soup,” which features lamb tripe in an avgolemono, or egg and lemon sauce. Usually, this soup is the first food that is eaten after the fast, served piping hot at midnight, just as worshippers are returning from church. Tripe, or lamb intestines, is prominent on the menu since lamb was at one time a precious delicacy, and all efforts were made to use every part of the animal. The second course will consist of a Green Salad, emblematic of the verdant springtime, and Kokoretsi, a dish of rotisserie-roasted tripe, a delicacy so exquisitely prepared, it was once enjoyed at this holiday exclusively by the Greek aristocracy. The culmination of the feast will be Arnaki, a dish of Spit-Roasted Lamb with oven-roasted potatoes. The lamb, marinated in fresh thyme, oregano, rosemary and garlic, will be roasted whole, for an aromatic feast pleasing both the palate as well as the eye. The meal will end sweetly with Tsoureki and vibrantly dyed Red Eggs, symbolizing the body and blood of Christ. Tsoureki, baked on premises that morning, and sweetened with honey and almonds, is then beautifully braided to hold the brightly colored eggs. The eggs will be ceremoniously broken against each other to further symbolize the breaking of the fast.

This Sunday, April 8, Kellari invites the city on a culinary adventure with the chance to experience the centuries-old traditions that comprise the festivities of the Greek Easter meal. Delicious food, exotic scents, lively music, impassioned dancing, celebratory plates joyously tossed and broken…these are the makings of a Greek Easter celebration that is not to be missed.

Live Entertainment with renowned Aphrodite Daniels on vocals and her orchestra.
Panos Chrysovergis > Piano
Gabriel Kontos > Bouzouki
Yianna Katsagiorgi > Vocals

Space is limited, for reservations please call Kellari directly at 212-221-0144. Fax: 212-221-0188.

Kellari Taverna, 19 West 44th Street, New York 10036.  http://www.kellari.us

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