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PlayStation Store not available everywhere March 26, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Games & Gadgets.

The first forum post on the official boards, from an irate Greek gamer, simply states: “Sorry for the off-topic here but i couldn`t find any more suitable forum. So the problem here in greece is that we have bought the playstation 3 60 euro more than most european country and to our surprize sony have made angry. After coming home and creating account to playstation network when we tryied to log on to the ps store to download grand turismo HD and buy tekken we were informed that the ps store is not available in our country Greece.Does anyone has the same problem?
I would like personally to thanks sony for: 1.Make us pay 60 euros more than other EU residents, 2.Ban us from Ps store”

The PlayStation Store is billed as “an integrated and streamlined online storefront which allows all PS3 users to browse and download available entertainment content”. However, Sony has confirmed that some PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait before they can get access to the store while other owners will not get access at all. The Store allows users to purchase full games as well as download demos and HD game videos.

Since the European launch last week, many PS3 owners have complained that they cannot access the Store at all. These users come from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia.

Sony’s director of corporate communications had this to say: “There are more than 102 territories in the region, and each Store has to be made unique for each territory due to different currencies and languages,” he explained. “Stores will reach some territories in due course.”

The director did explain that some countries would not be able to access the store at all due to a myriad of factors including a lack of broadband penetration. “The PS Store may not be accessible in Azerbaijan, for example,” he explained.

For those countries that have to wait, Sony has not announced how long you will be waiting.

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