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Evridiki releases new CD album March 27, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Music Life Greek.

Cypriot performer Evridiki presents her new CD album titled “13”.

The music was composed by Dimitris Korgialas and the lyrics by Nikos Moraites, Dimitris Korgialas, Thanos Papanikolaou, Lilian Dimitrakopoulou and Poseidonas Yannopoulos.  Evridiki will attend the ‘Women of the Year’ awards on March 30. 

Listen to snippets from Evridiki’s new CD album > http://www.evridiki.gr/13/

Cyprus and Evridiki are considered already one of the potential winners of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Despite the polls, Cyprus aims to qualify to the final which is the ifrst and main step. Cyprus has to compete to the 2007 semifinal due to last year’s poor result in Athens.

Evridiki performs “Comme çi Comme ça”, Cyprus entry for the Eurovision 2007 Song Contest. EUROPEANS! VOTE FOR IT!

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