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MySpace, MyVoice from Down Under April 10, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Greek Diaspora, Music Life Greek.

Ever thought you were destined to be a rock star? Or maybe you pictured yourself as the next Grant Smilie, mixing your way to the top? Well, why wait? MySpace.com is the latest in internet websites giving artists the chance to play their music to over 43 million people, all day, everyday.

Starting off as just a small cyber community where people on opposite sides of the world could log on and chat, MySpace.com has quickly become the third most visited web domain on earth, and also a powerful musical stage for the today’s musicians.

Many young Greek artists are using their MySpace.com accounts to connect with other musicians and build a fan base around the globe. For some it’s just about sharing their music with people who share their passion, for others it’s about chasing the ultimate rock star dream…. Fame, fortune and a record label.

Mark Spanoudakis, a.k.a. MySpace.com/Kreon, started moving in the underground dance music scene in late 2000. In 2005 he released his first vinyl with the Greek based label Rhythmetic Records and is currently working on a new album to be released in 2007. Mark’s profile on MySpace.com has drawn over 11,000 visitors since it was first created. Visitors to his site are free to read his comments, view upcoming events and download his tracks. Although Mark is already signed with a record label, the flexibility offered by MySpace.com allows him to reach audiences he would otherwise be unable to access.

“MySpace.com is a powerful weapon for free publicity. Back in the days when I first started producing music the only way to get a name for yourself was to send a promotional copy of your finished songs to radio stations and record labels,” he said. “You can imagine how hard it was for me living in Greece, where dance music has only just started getting big, wanting to release music that was massive in other countries. “With MySpace.com even if you’re not in the country that is the centre of the music that you’re interested in, you can easily use the MySpace.com player to upload your music and the fans and labels will find you. “It’s like an automatic record label without the time and money usually associated with band developments.”

With over 13,000 friends currently logged on to his MySpace.com account who instantly receive updates of any new music downloads, Mark’s days of sending promotional CD’s to radio stations are over.

However it’s not just new artists that are using MySpace.com to promote their music, many high profile Greek singers, ranging from Anna Vissi to Kaiti Garbi, are also jumping on the MySpace.com highway finding it an easier way to connect with new fans, whilst also providing old fans with a central meeting place.

marina_angelou.jpg  One of these stars is 24-year-old Greek-Australian singer, Marina Aggelou. Marina began performing in local Community Clubs around Sydney before releasing her debut Greek single “Na M’Agapas Tora”, a Giannis Katevas cover. The single sold in excess of 12,000 copies making her the only Greek Australian artist to receive a gold single status with a foreign song at the age of sixteen.

She left Australia to pursue her career in Cyprus and Greece and has since worked with many of Greece’s best performers, touring with the likes of Ellie Kokinou, Vassilis Karras and Thanos Petrelis. Although she has become an international star at such a young, Marina still believes in the importance of being able to connect with her fans on a personal level and this is where MySpace comes in.

As she is constantly on tour, the Internet gives her the opportunity to speak to her fans wherever she may be. Marina’s International Manager, Steve Dally, believes MySpace.com is an effective publicity tool. In fact, DB Media Management has a whole team devoted to updating their clients MySpace.com as well as searching the site for the ‘nest big hit’. Steve strongly believes that MySpace.com has been a great networking tool for artists like Marina, with strong international fan bases.

“MySpace.com/marinaaggelou has been great in terms of being able to interact with her fans, promoting shows and pretty much keeping everyone up to date with what’s going on in her life,” he said. “As soon as her first record becomes available MySpace.com will play a major role in promoting it. We are already in discussions about premiering her record on MySpace.com first before it is released to the public. “The partnerships that are in place now not only for Greece but the UK and USA are something we didn’t expect so early. MySpace.com has been extremely helpful in making it possible”.

Mr Dally is so impressed with MySpace.com as a publicity medium, it has now become part of the criteria at DB Media Management that all artists must have a MySpace.com. Any artist wanting to develop a fan base cannot go past the resources MySpace.com offers in terms of wide scale publicity at the touch of a button. “Any artists that are about to enter the industry or are all ready in the industry should have a MySpace.com, because you never know who is going to listen to it,” Mr Dally said. “Look at how many acts over the last few years have become major artists, to name a few Linkin Park, Sandi Thom ( I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker). “She actually used to stream live performances from her living room to a global audience once a month before she became a hit. “Gone are the days of begging to get a break and even then you get nowhere. Myspace.com has revolutionised the music business and has given many artists and acts the exposure without the big traditional marketing dollars normally paid by major labels.”

MySpace.com is well on its way to taking over the music industry. If you’re a budding artists or a seasoned act do yourself a favour and check out the site, you never know, it could even make you famous.

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