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Aghios Cosmas Marina bids open April 12, 2007

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Seirios submits best offer, bringing total projected state revenues from Olympic leasings close to 1.5 billion euros

The marina at Aghios Cosmas, in southern Athens, will be able to moor 1,170 boats while providing a range of other facilities such as accommodation, cultural, sports and entertainment venues and a heliport.

Technical and commercial consortium Seirios, led by listed construction company Attikat, tabled the best offer in the Olympic Properties tender for the Aghios Cosmas Marina, offering an annual lease of 14.267 million euro.

The bids by the five companies-consortiums to enter the final phase of the tender were opened yesterday at the office of the state Olympic Properties agency, with Seirios bettering the other four, which were led by J&P-Avax, Intrakat, Waterfront and Aegean Oil. The valuation committee will monitor and assess the bids and then the board of Olympic Properties will announce the name of the winning company or consortium. The leasing contract to be signed will have a length of 45 years.

On top of the annual lease offered, Seirios also offers a one-off payment of 5 million euro, which raises the annual payment to the equivalent of 14.5 million.

The installation at Aghios Cosmas, one of the most sought-after and lucrative former Olympic venues, covers 425,000 square meters and includes buildings that total 8,945 square meters. The existing law allows for the use and operation of the marina with a capacity for 1,170 boats and supporting infrastructure, the creation of commercial stores, restaurants and bars, as well as the construction of a five-star accommodation unit of 30 rooms and 1,400 square meters. The law also provides for the creation of the appropriate venues to host cultural, sports and entertainment activities, the creation of a heliport and other sports uses.

This tender will raise economic revenues of the state from the five Olympic installations leased to 1.49 billion for the entire duration of the contracts, according to the government’s Olympic heritage utilization plan, implemented by Olympic Properties. The state is also relieved from the costs of maintenance, security and operation which add up to 12.5 million per year. For the first year of leasing, the state will have a total of 37 million in revenues in 2007 prices from their leasings.

The five installations on lease are the International Broadcasting Center in Maroussi, the Badminton Olympic venue at Goudi, the Galatsi Sports Center, the Canoe-Kayak Olympic venue at Hellenikon and the Aghios Cosmas Marina.

Two more long-term lease tenders are also under way for the Tae-Kwon-Do Olympic venue in Faliron that will host the Athens Conference Center, and the adjacent beach volleyball venue, that is to become a theater and concert venue.

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