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XVII Mediterranean Games 2013 April 14, 2007

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It is our wish that young athletes from all the countries of the Mediterranean come together and compete with respect for the Olympic Ideals and Fair Competition, as well as for the official regulations of the International Sports Federations.

Our dedication to the Olympic Ideals, as they are described in the Olympic and Mediterranean charters, is our guide and, at the same time, our most powerful motivation to prepare and host the Games.

We feel a great responsibility in view of the history of the Olympic Games, as well as the Mediterranean Games and recognise their importance in bringing together the peoples of the Mediterranean, a region tormented by wars.

Furthermore, the commitment of the Greek nation and the Greek State to the ideal of Peace, we declare that we will make every strong effort to promote the Olympic/Mediterranean truce throughout the duration of the Games.

We believe that Sports and Culture are intertwined and, in view of this, we are placing great emphasis on the cultural dimension of the Games; a commitment that is expressed in our wish to include a programme of cultural activities, which will promote the values and cultures of all the peoples without exception. Cultural unity contributes to the understanding of the particularities of all nations and countries of the region. For us, this understanding is an important step toward peaceful coexistence and cooperation among peoples.

Organisation of the Mediterranean Games allows for the continuation of the educational programme, “Olympic Education”, started under the supervision of the “Athens 2004” OCOG, in association with the relevant ministries, the NOC, athletic federations, as well as independent, non-profit organisations. We are committed to creating modern educational material and methods and to develop a 4-year programme beginning in 2009.

We are committed to organising Games with respect for the Environment; a fact that is evident in our strategic planning for the environmental management of the biotope of Lake Karla, as well as in the design plans of its athletic venues and the emphasis we give to outdoor events. The Mediterranean Games will provide the starting point for the environmental protection of the region.

The Candidacy File for hosting of the XVII Mediterranean Games in Volos under the name “Volos 2013” includes a complete proposal, which contains in great detail, 7 years prior to the Games, all the necessary information for presenting our candidacy according to the specifications of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG).

The Candidacy File “Volos 2013” has important advantages because of the geographical position of Volos, as well as the participation of the cities of Larisa, Trikala and Skopelos and the great history of the region of Thessaly.

These advantages are:

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