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Sat Nav on its way to Cyprus April 18, 2007

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GPS technology has arrived in Cyprus with the launch of Track and Talk, a company specialising in bespoke mobile telephony, vehicle tracking and satellite navigation integration.

Also on offer are real-time cartography solutions, street level map making and industrial devices for navigation and tracking applications. Managing Director John Chiao said that products would initially be used for logistics vehicle tracking. “They can be used by businesses right across the board so everybody can benefit.”

According to Chiao, at first it may not make sense to consider GPS tracking as a viable business solution. “However, when one thinks of what can be accomplished using such a system, and how it is possible to cut expenses, it soon makes sense to incorporate GPS tracking into your business plan.”

Fuel savings of up to 20 per cent can be achieved. “You know that if you were riding in your company vehicles, your drivers wouldn’t waste fuel by speeding, excessive idling or using the vehicle for side trips,” he said. “Additionally, with our tracking system, you can keep a watchful eye on exactly where, when and how your vehicles are transitioning, allowing you to maintain an accurate record of the whereabouts of your vehicles or goods.”

Customer service will also see an improvement, with clients supplied with a service, which will include package location and departure and arrival times of items. He added that private motor vehicles would soon have the option to be fitted with in-car satellite navigation systems, seen across much of the rest of Europe. Mobile phone users will also have the possibility of downloading maps straight to their units. With vehicle thefts on the rise, Chiao said owners would be able to rest more easily as they would know where their car or motorbike is at all times.

A deal has also been struck with the Health Ministry, whereby 52 ambulances from all General Hospitals will be kitted out with satellite navigation systems free of charge.

“What has made all of this possible is the comprehensiveness of our digital GPS, Global Positioning System, map of the whole of the island, including the north,” Chiao explained. “Small villages that have never before appeared on a map are now on our system.”

The cost is approximately £10 per month. “Devices can be very small and are used for a variety of purposes from going on treasure hunts to tracking teenagers and the elderly. “The technology is available and affordable to the everyday man or woman in the street,” Chiao said.

Since the first experimental satellite was launched in 1978, GPS has become an indispensable aid to navigation around the world, and an important tool for map-making and land surveying. GPS also provides a precise time reference used in many applications including scientific study of earthquakes, and synchronisation of telecommunications networks. The technology also allows accurate targeting of various military weapons, including cruise missiles and precision-guided munitions.

For more information: call 26 913350 or www.trackandtalk.com

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