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Morphou Mayor says puppet regime allocating property to Turkish settlers April 19, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Cyprus Occupied.

The Mayor of Morphou Charalambos Pittas said that the puppet regime in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus is bringing settlers to the occupied town of Morphou, in an effort to reap political gains.

Speaking at the Parliamentary Committee for Refugees, Pittas said that the occupation regime is using tricks and blackmail techniques, allocating land and properties not only to Turkish Cypriots but also settlers from Turkey, in order to prevent the return of the town to its legitimate citizens in case of a settlement of the long standing political problem of the island.

He noted that this information is derived from the Turkish Cypriot press, but also from Turkish Cypriots who are also concerned about the continuous arrival of settlers. Pittas further said that the municipality has launched a campaign to prevent this development with contacts with British MPs who will raise the issue at the British parliament and government.

”The answer of the British Foreign Secretary is that according to his information there are settlers in the extended area of Morphou, but that he is not aware if the land belongs to Turkish Cypriots or Greek Cypriots,” Pittas said.

He also said that according to the British Foreign Secretary, the issue of properties can only be solved with a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem. “This is unacceptable for us, because Britain, as a guarantor power and as a country playing an important role in the efforts to solve the Cyprus issue, can contribute in efforts to prevent this illegal settling,” the Mayor said.

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