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‘London Diary’ launched at Books Arcade May 5, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Books Life Greek.

The Stoa tou Vivliou or The Books Arcade was packed in what was a personal triumph for journalist Maria Karavia.

Her latest book, “The London Diary”, with her notes from the time of the colonels’ dictatorship in Greece, was selling like hot cakes and the crowd were congratulating her for her stance in life as well as her undoubted talent as a writer. Old friends came to embrace here, everyone wanted her to sign their copy of the book, and Karavia responded, clearly touched by their response.

The launch by Agra publications was attended by members of the Athens Academy, leading figures from the world of the arts, the media and politics. More than 40 years since the junta (1967-1974), this book takes those of us who remember it back and introduces younger individuals to the period through documents by those who played a leading part. Karavia’s book is a responsible account of the events and of the activities of Greeks who went abroad and drew the attention of international public opinion to the dictatorship. The rest is in the book, on the cover of which is a photograph taken by the author at one of the demonstrations outside the Greek Embassy in Upper Brook Street, which was then closely guarded.

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