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Athens in Art May 11, 2007

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Throughout the month of May, Athens Museums focus on European artists influenced by Ancient Greece.

At the Zappeion, Michael Franke’s abstract paintings inspired by Ancient Greek mythology and Hesiod’s writings on the creation of the world, are showing until May 22.

At the Athinais Cultural Centre through the end of June is an exhibition of the paintings and drawings of Giorgio de Chirico, who was born in the central Greek city of Volos and raised in the country. “A Journey Through Memory” presents 35 paintings and sculptures based on modern and ancient Greek themes.

Also at the Athinais, Patrizia Molinari’s exhibition, “The Secret Light of Greece,” runs through May 31. It includes paintings from her “White tables” project, together with an installation made up of four light-reflecting crystal sculptures positioned inside an artificial lake.

The Benaki Museum is showing a retrospective of Czech artist Nicholas Egon, who first came to Greece in 1949, at the end of the civil war, and painted ancient sites such as Delphi and Mycenae as well as the Greek countryside. The exhibition runs through May 20.

Anna Chromy’s sculpture exhibition is the first by a contemporary artist at the National Archeological Museum of Athens. “Mythos Revisited,” in the Museum’s garden, includes a selection of bronze and marble sculptures inspired by the ancient Greek myths. The show runs until June 17.

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