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Happy Mothers’ Day > May 13, 2007 May 13, 2007

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Dear Friends,

Fitting tribute on a Special Day

The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced to Ancient Greece’s Spring Celebrations honouring Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.

rhea.jpg  Rhea, Mother of Gods

Mother’s Day is widely reported as the peak day of the year for long-distance telephone calls and one of the highest gift-giving holidays. For many, it is also a day to remember mothers, cherish and love mothers to whom we owe our existence. To all the mothers of the world, we send our warmest, sincerest wishes for a Happy Mothers’ Day along with a big Thank You for what they have done for us.


The above photo is courtesy of my good friend Nik Handson, a British freelance graphic designer, with our thanks for his kind approval to use it. Copyright by Nik Handson. All rights reserved. To view more of Nik’s work, please visit www.nikhandson.co.uk

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