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A Greco-Roman holiday May 14, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Testimonials.

Putting their art and French club lessons to the test, 12 Spearfish High School students and their trip sponsors recently made their way through Greece and Italy over the Easter holiday, as part of a 12-day European trip that included several stops.

“Our ultimate goal was to expose the students to the world. What we learned in 12 days of travel was life-changing for these students. It allowed them to see the world in a broader view, to see that things can be done in different ways and that it’s OK. Global exploration is important for students,” said trip sponsor and Spearfish High School Art Teacher Bonnie Dutton.

On their last full day in Greece, they visited three gorgeous Greek Isles. This is a day, which also happened to be Easter Sunday and according to Dutton, is a holiday celebration bigger than Christmas in the United States. The group enjoyed a three-course Easter dinner on a luxury liner, in a fine dining room. Following local tradition, each person at the table took one of the highly polished, fabulously shiny Easter eggs displayed in the middle of the table and proceeded to knock it against their neighbor’s egg until one broke. The last one at the table with an unbroken egg was the winner. They saw many whole lambs roasting for Easter dinner on the various islands and they observed several Easter services during the holy week.

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