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Champions League Final > beer against espresso in Athens May 22, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Football.

Milan and Liverpool fans have arrived in Greece’s capital city, and crowded cafés and streets leading up to the Champion’s League Finals.

The atmosphere before the great final of the Champion’s League is heating up, the streets of the Greek capital city are covered in the colours of both clubs. Also many Italians and Englishmen have already arrived, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of the Olympic Games in 2004. The hosts prepared well, and organized various programs to entertain the fans. At the Syntagma Square there is a temporary indoor football field with grandstands.

Most television and radio stations report those events, asking for opinions and forecasts. The announced police strike will occur at a later date, and on the night of the finals, there will be 15,000 police officers on duty, as well as many other security personnel. The Greeks are scared of thieves, that will use the night of the finals in which the police will be concentrated around the Olympic Stadium. Billboards, signs, tour guides, all of Athens’ residents are enthusiastic, and the city is simply breathing for the finals. Besides Liverpool and Milan fans who are desperately searching for finals tickets, the locals also really want to go to the match, and are not happy with the distribution of the tickets, which was not favourable for the Greeks.

greekpolice.jpg  There were not many tickets in Athens, but some were in the hands of sponsors who would give them away if you bought their products, or in various raffles. Of course, with these types of events, the black market thrives, so tickets can be bought from 2500 euros to a mind blowing 5000 euros. Like all matches, tomorrow many people with cards will offer a fortune for tickets. As always, when English clubs play there are fears for disorder, and the Greek police have lots of experience in Greek derbies.

There will not be problems on the grandstands, but on the streets after a few beers, especially in Psiri, in downtown Athens, where there is 120 bars where people will come to wet their throats before the match. The battle of the English against the Italians has already started in Greece. The red and black who will wear white jerseys against the red from the city of the Beatles. The Italians are drinking espressos on the terraces whilst the English are holding a beer in one hand. On Wednesday after 10.30pm, or in the case of extra time, around 11pm, some people will be heartbroken, and some will be wildly celebrating. Will Liverpool win again, or will Milan get their revenge for Istanbul.

Tomorrow we will see. Good Luck to both teams, and a warm Welcome to Athens and Greece!

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