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South African Ambassador in Greece marries gay couple May 24, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Gay Life.

The South African Ambassador in Greece raised a few eyebrows when she presided over what appears to be the first gay marriage in Greece.

Sources who did not want to be identified, said the wedding ignited a fierce media debate in a society that is generally seen to be fairly conservative. Same sex marriages are not legal in Greece at present.

The two South African men who were living in Greece, apparently were in a long-term relationship and following the passing of the Civil Union Act in South Africa, wanted to get married. They applied to the Department of Home Affairs and received permission to get married in Athens.

The ceremony took place at the Embassy and according to a source, was “simple but dignified” and attended by two witnesses and the Ambassador, Mandisha Donna Marasha, who officiated. The couple were apparently very happy and satisfied with the proceedings and were apparently proud of South Africa.

Following the wedding, the story made it onto Greek TV and talk shows where the issue of gay rights and marriage was fiercely debated.

Counsellor to the South Africa Embassy in Greece, Petrus Viljoen, confirmed that the wedding had taken place, but declined to comment further.

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