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Cyprus has one of highest diabetes rates June 5, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Health & Fitness.

Cyprus has one of the highest rates of diabetes in Europe, with one third of the population at risk of developing the insulin resistance condition.

The statistics were presented at a scientific symposium on diabetes in Larnaca by the Cyprus Diabetes Association, in co-operation with Greece’s National Centre for Diabetes and the Larnaca Apollonion Medical Association yesterday.

Chairman of the Cyprus association Dr Doros Loizou said that based on research from 2003 to 2005, 10.3 per cent of the local population suffered from diabetes, one of the highest statistics in Europe.

According to his measurements, 17.5 per cent of the population have blood sugar levels between 100 and 126, and 6.5 per cent of the population have a blood sugar level over 140. A normal blood sugar level should not be above 100 at any given time.

Loizou added that a global prevention programme was under development to combat the problem, but that in Cyprus the main problem was people abandoning the traditional Mediterranean diet.

Greek professor Nicos Katzilambros added that as well as diet, another problem was today’s large portions promoting insulin resistance and hence diabetes. He said people had to start making lifestyle changes including frequenting tavernas less often and walking more. Health education also had to be taught at schools and less time spent on the computer, he said.

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