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Greek taste for kebabs could keep you trim June 7, 2007

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Greece, the land of the kebab was yesterday named the best place for holidaymakers watching their waistline.

Britons looking for a low-fat holiday destination should head for Greece, according to new research that says a typical meal there contains the least calories out of those at our favourite jet-setting destinations. The survey claims that one in four Britons will choose a holiday destination this year based on the healthiness of the local cuisine.

People aged over 45 are leading the calorie-counting trend, with six in 10 saying that healthy food is a necessity when on a foreign break. According to the research from Somerfield, the supermarket group, nearly seven in 10 Britons put on weight during their annual summer fortnight in the sun. Five per cent return home up to a stone heavier.

Almost half of holidaying Britons head for the European hotspots of Spain, Greece, Italy and France in the summer. A new holiday food index aims to help them by providing the calorific damage of a typical meal at each destination.

  Greece comes out on top with its popular selection of national dishes that include fresh salads, grilled lamb kebabs and stuffed vine leaves. A typical Greek meal without alcohol contains about 1,130 calories. Spain and France are ranked second and third respectively.

Popular Spanish meals contain up 1,170 calories each and French favourites add up to 1,355. Italy is in fourth place with its choice of fattening pizza and pasta dishes as well as creamy desserts. A typical meal there adds about 1,430 calories to a holidaymaker’s intake.

More than half of British holidaymakers say that healthy food is high on their list of holiday essentials, along with a nearby beach and sunny weather. A spokesman for Somerfield, which interviewed 1,600 adults, said: “It’s good to see so many British holidaymakers taking their health seriously and trying to eat well on holiday. However, it’s important to remember that holidays are for kicking back, relaxing and enjoying yourself. So long as you don’t overdo it and eat a well-balanced diet, a few holiday treats will not hurt.”

This summer, nearly half of women and a quarter of men will try to lose weight before their holiday.

Source >The Telegraph

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