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It’s all Greek to Halifax, Canada June 7, 2007

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Eat, drink, dance > festival season is here at last

Andrew Botas has been a dancer since he was six years old. He will be among the members of Halifax’s Greek community performing during this year’s festival, showing off more than 30 dances from across the Aegean this weekend.

Each area of Greece has its own style of steps and clothing, so the dancers performing at the festival are also giving a geography and history lesson. Such as taking the small steps of the sousta which is a courtship dance from the island of Crete.

Since last Thursday, volunteers have been busily decorating the hall, putting up crowd control fences, setting up tables, and getting food, lots of food, ready for Halifax’s 22nd festival. More than 7,000 pita breads, 20,000 souvlaki, 12,000 kebabs, 20 cases of eggplants, and 240 25-pound cases of tomatoes have been ordered.

“It’s the homemade Greek food stuff that is made by the mothers that people can’t get anywhere else,” organizer Tino Klironomos said about why the festival attracts more than 20,000 visitors each year. While 2006 was a financial washout because of rain, Klironomos is hoping the weather co-operates this year.

Kicking off the summer festival season, the weekend has been blessed in the past with warm weather.He said highlights will include the five-piece band Poseidon, Olympic games for the kids, a wine tasting, tours of St. George’s church and language lessons. There will also be a shuttle bus taking festival goers from the West End Mall parking lot to St. George’s church.

“People come to Greek Fest to enjoy, taste, and three days of music, dancing and Greek culture,” he said. “We even have official Greek water, it’s actually produced in Greece.”

For a complete list of Greek Fest events, visit www.greekfest.org

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