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A love of the sea June 10, 2007

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“Why do we love the sea? It is because it has the potent power to make us think the things we think,” Robert Henri once said.

How many times have we caught ourselves day dreaming while gazing at the deep blue waters of the sea as we laze on a golden sandy beach?

The sea has inspired many people through the ages to write poems and songs, while many artists have often captured its beauty on canvas. To mark the start of summer, a group of artists in Cyprus has come together to present their own response on the subject. Each using their own technique and style, the exhibition will include paintings by well-known and new artists that cooperate with the gallery. Some of the more established names include Mathaios Christou, Aristotelis Demetriou and George Michael while a few of the new and upcoming artists include Emmanuelle Baudin and Ramon Torres Trias.

The Sea > Group exhibition with well-known and new artists presenting their own ideas on the sea. Opens June 14, 7pm, until July 30. Gallery K, Evrou Street, Strovolos, Nicosia, tel 22 341122.

Egg and Sugar Free Avocado and Berries Ice Cream June 10, 2007

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This is a very healthy alternative to sugar laden sweets and it is served with fresh strawberries.

Ingredients >
4 bananas
2 avocados
1 ½ cup frozen raspberries or fruit of the forest
1 tsp vanilla essence

Method >
Puree bananas in food processor. Add the peeled and stoned avocados, berries and vanilla essence and whiz until smooth. Remove to a container and freeze for about 4 hours.
Remove from the freezer 30 minutes before serving. Serve chopped strawberries topped with scoops of ice cream in an ice cream tumbler.

A European youth habits poll June 10, 2007

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Nearly a third of young people who live with their parents do so because they can’t let go of the luxury of home comforts without the pressure of responsibility. The figure is the second highest in the EU after Belgium, according to a European youth poll.

But while the figure for those who love the comforts of home is significant in Cyprus, the main reason for staying at home (37 per cent) is because young people can’t afford to move out. One in ten of those who still live with their parents do so because they are waiting to get married before moving out, while four per cent said they supported their parents.

The poll also covers things such as how European youth passed their time. “Taking exercise, going for a walk, a bike ride or practising sports and meeting friends, going dancing, eating, drinking and meeting friends are in first and second position in most countries,” said the report. “Exceptions are found in Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria, where young people’s second most-frequently mentioned leisure activity is watching television.” In Portugal watching television comes in first place before taking exercise.

A very low number of Cypriot youths participate in voluntary community work, the lowest number in the EU, according to the survey. Only 0.3 per cent engage in this activity, compared to 5.6 per cent in Denmark and 4.4 per cent in Italy. The EU average is 1.8 per cent. Greeks are also reluctant volunteers, coming in second last to Cyprus with 0.4 per cent engaged in helping out the community.

But when it comes to politics, Greece and Cyprus top the list. Nearly 90 per cent of young people in Greece and 88 per cent of young people in Cyprus said they were interested in politics and current affairs in their own country. But when it came to EU affairs, Cypriots fell back to eight place, with 71 per cent expressing an interest. Greece remained top of that list with 77 per cent.

Nearly one fifth of Cypriot youths also said demonstrations were a good way to have their voices heard by policymakers, while double that figure said participating in a debate was the way to go, and 12 per cent chose joining a political party.

Young people in only six countries cited demonstrating as a tool to have their voices heard. One quarter of those polled in Spain said it was the best way to be heard. One fifth of Germans chose it as a third choice. One fifth of the French picked it as a second choice and 15 per cent in Luxembourg. Young people in most of the other countries chose participating in debates or signing petitions.

Cyprus Gold medal hopes fade at the 12th Games of Small States June 10, 2007

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Tom Schumacher scored 21 points and Martin Rajniak added 18 to help Luxembourg defeat Cyprus 86-83 in the fourth game of the 12th Games of the Small States of Europe on Friday evening in Monaco.

Luxembourg scored the first field goal of the game but Cyprus quickly answered with a 10-0 run and eventually held on to a five point lead 18-13 at the end of the opening period. Benacek’s team continued to play well at the beginning of the second quarter, but after leading 24-19 allowed Luxembourg to create an unbelievable 16-0 run and take an 11-point lead at 24-35.

By the half-time interval Cyprus was trailing by 10 points at 30-40. In the third period, teams traded basket for basket, with Luxembourg maintaining their advantage. Cyprus tried to climb back into the game in the final period scoring 38 points, but their defense crumbled as Luxembourg managed to pour in 30 points and deservedly win the game.
Larrie Smith scored 15 points and grabbed seven rebounds for Luxembourg in just 13 minutes he spent on the floor. Michalis Kounounis led Cyprus with 23 points, while Panagiotis Trisokkas chipped in with 20 points and nine rebounds. Aris Koronidis scored 14 points and dished out five assists.

Score by quarters: 18-13, 12-27, 15-16, 38-30
Cyprus: Giannas 1, Serdaris, Koronides 14, Anastasiadis, Kounounis 23, Sizopoulos 2, Pantouris 10, Fowlkes 6, Liatsos 7, Trisokkas 20, Garcia.
Luxemburg: Schumacher 21, Jeitz 2, Delgado 11, Schartz 10, Schmitz 2, Scholtes 3, Smith 15, Hoffman 4, Rajniak 18.

Separating athletics from sexuality June 10, 2007

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Considering their historic entanglement and their inexorable pairing, there is no separating athletics from sexuality.

Why, the original athletes, the Olympians of Ancient Greece, even competed in the nude. That’s a fact, I suppose, that has some loose connection to the modern incivility of having scantilly-clad women wrestle in jello, although there’s no telling just what that connection is.

Elite athletes are, by their nature, sexy. They’re the embodiment of our physical ideals, specimens who are celebrated for what they can accomplish with their bodies.

To that end, they typically compete in form-fitting outfits that happen to show off those bodies, a conundrum that lends itself to an uncomfortable discord between celebrating those accomplishments and celebrating the body itself.

There’s a thin line between sexy and sexist.

OSU recruit rides dreams for Olympics to Greece June 10, 2007

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Kosta Koufos will try to fit in with not one team but two this summer.

Koufos, the 7-foot-2, 260-pound centerpiece of Ohio State’s 2007 basketball recruiting class, starts school June 18. He will begin playing in open gyms with his new teammates almost immediately.

A month later, though, Koufos will head overseas, to his mother’s homeland, to practice and play with the Greek National team.

“I’ve got a good possibility of playing in the Olympics next year, hopefully,” he said. He will be the biggest player on both his new teams. “The tallest,” he clarified, “but probably not the most muscular.”

Improving his strength and conditioning has consumed Koufos this spring. He said he is training three times a day, in one form or another, to prepare himself for a more physical game in college. His forte at the high school level was his skill for his size, not his strength. “I worked hard before but not as efficiently as I am now,” he said.

Ohio State returns 6-9 Othello Hunter and 6-8 Matt Terwilliger inside next season and adds Koufos and 6-10 transfer Kyle Madsen of Dublin Coffman and 6-9 freshman Dallas Lauderdale.

“I think he’s going to get a good feel early on for the size and that sort of stuff that he’s going to have to go against,” coach Thad Matta said of Koufos. Koufos is not the only Ohio State men’s basketball player hoping to compete overseas this summer. Sophomore David Lighty is scheduled to try out for USA Basketball’s 19-and-under team June 28-30 in Dallas. The team will play in the FIBA U19 world championship July 12-22 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Lighty was more efficient on offense in the NCAA Tournament than earlier in the season and will be expected to build on that performance going into next season. “He’s a tremendous defender,” Matta said, “but the biggest thing he did as the season wound down was take care of the ball. I thought he was playing his best basketball at the end of the year.”

New car sales up in Greece June 10, 2007

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New car sales in Greece rose by 4.0 percent during the first five months of 2007 compared with the same period last year, Athens News Agency reported on Friday.

A total of 131,193 units were registered from the start of the year until May, as opposed to 126,031 in the equivalent period of 2006. The strongest increase occurred in May, when car sales increased 10.6 percent to reach 29,251 units registered.

Toyota led the domestic market in May for the highest sales, with 2,569 units sold and a market share of 8.8 percent. VW ranked second with 2,500 units sold and a market share of 8.5 percent and Ford came the third place with 2,448 sales and a market share of 8.4 percent.

The Opel Corsa was the most popular car model in the first five months of 2007, with 4,537 sales, outstripping the Toyota Yaris (4, 342 sales) in the same category. The VW Golf, which led category C with 4,445 sales, was followed by the Ford Focus with 4,255 sales.