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Alex Dimitriades > Wog finds work in Crete June 11, 2007

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He’s never been a wog out of work in Australia, now Alex Dimitriades is hoping his European ancestry will help him become the new film god of Greece.

Dimitriades jetted out of town last week bound for the balmy island of Crete, where he will tap into his Greek heritage to play the leading role in the big-screen comedy Reception Will Follow.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it could be the first in a series of more roles there,” Dimitriades told film writer Erin McWhirter. “I might become the next big Greek movie star. You never know.”

While he grew up in the Sydney suburb of Earlwood, Dimitriades is the son of first generation Greek immigrants and will draw on his native tongue for his role in the foreign film.

“I studied the language for five or six years growing up but I have had to brush up a bit,” he said. “I reckon the switch will properly switch on when I touch down.”

Reception Will Follow revolves around the secrets of a bride and groom unveiled by their wedding guests on their special day. Trading the local chill for the scorching European summer, Dimitriades will spend 2 months overseas making his mark in his parent’s homeland. But while his career is good to go in Greece, the ever sparkling lights of Hollywood are still beckoning for the original Heartbreak Kid.

After scoring a cameo role in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo several years ago, Dimitriades says he will rejoin the US rat race again when the time is right. “Hollywood is the filmmaking town and you can’t ignore it,” he said.

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