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The Castle Club, Ayia Napa, Cyprus June 19, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Cyprus Ayia Napa.

As the club scene in Ayia Napa develops, new clubs emerge and old ones transform. The Castle remains one of the biggest clubs on the island, with three arenas, one for house and garage, one for old skool, and one for drum ‘n’ bass. Resident DJs Brandon block and Alex P are often joined by big names such as Paul Oakenfold and Jeremy Healy.

The decor here is, suprisingly, in the style of a massive castle, with two floors of house, garage and drum and bass pumping through their brand new sound systems. Big names such as Paul Oakenfold, Brandon Block, Alex P and Jeremy Healy are frequent guests and top promoters are also well in on the act. The menu looks as impressive as always with nightly offerings in each of the three arenas and Radio 1 parties in June and July and Ministry of Sound visiting too.

At the moment however, and according to our information, the weekly line-up looks like: Mondays: Arena 1: House featuring Brandon block and Alex P, Arena 2: Sun City garage, Genius, and Blakey and Arena 3: Sun City R&B. Tuesdays: Arena 1: Gods Kitchen, John Kelly, Lisa Lashes, Lisa Loud, Arena 2: Garage EZ, Matt jam, Mike ruff cut, Norris and Creed and Arena 3: Gods club classics. Wednesdays Arena 1: Ministry of Sound, MJ Cole, Jason Kaye, Masterstepz, Arena 2: Ministry (R&B), Matt White, Sola Ama , Carl Brown, and Swing and Arena 3: Ministry (Alternative).

The week goes on…Thursdays: Arena 1: Sun City (garage) pay as u go, Pied Piper, and Viper, Arena 2: Slinky (house) and John Kelly and Arena 3: Sun & City (R&B), Scott Bond, Brandon & Alex, and Anne savage.Fridays:Arena 1: Carl Cox, Tall Paul, Danny Rampling , basement jaxx, Arena 2: (drum & bass) Goldie, Roni Size, BBC Radio live, Fabio & Groove and Arena 3: Club classics.

For those with any energy for the weekends…Saturdays means Arena 1: MTV (dancefloor /escape), Arena 2: MTV Trevor Nelson (Base) EZ and Arena 3: MTV (Base) and Sundays: Arena 1 :(house) rapture TV, Erick Morillo, Jim shaft Ryan, and Jeremy Healy. Arena 2 :(R&B) Dodge, Nick Smood, Dane bowers, Missteq and Arena 3: Club classics.

May to September 2007, The Castle Club, Gregori Afxentiou Street (in Ayia Napa’s main square), Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Tel 23 722286, e-mail castleclub@cytanet.com.cy


1. starskysayianapa - July 19, 2007

Just wanted to post this link as it appears you info is incorrect for the 2007 season

check out this link to their website (calander)


2. grhomeboy - July 19, 2007

We appreciate the correction and the link provided. Thank you very much!

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