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2013 Mediterranean Games > Volos a candidate city June 21, 2007

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The Greek city of Volos seeking to host the 2013 Mediterranean Games has made its presentation to the International Mediterranean Games executive board that met earlier this week in Cairo.

The winner will be announced in October. The presentation took place at the Egyptian Olympic Committee headquarters which hosted the executive meetings of the International Mediterranean Games Committee. The presentation, held to culminate the two-day meetings, took place in alphabetic order. Each candidate city was given half an hour. 

volos_stadium.jpg  Volos Stadium

Volos, the third largest port of Greece, and Larisa, two historical cities located in the region of Thessaly, in Central Greece, are known for their sports activities down the years.

The objective of the candidacy, apart from the development and the international promotion of the cities of Volos and Larisa and the wider region, is to upgrade the Mediterranean Games and make them the most important sport event in the Mediterranean region, to attract the best athletes of the participating countries, to offer hospitality to the largest number of visitors and to provide the best preparation, accommodation and competition conditions to the athletes.

“The bid by Volos and Larisa is first and foremost human-centred,” Isidoros Kouvelos, President of the bid committee, said. “Its objective is to promote the culture, the environment, the friendship and the cooperation of the Mediterranean people and at the same time upgrade the Games by offering the best hospitality and the best competition conditions to the athletes, and the best coverage of their efforts. We, as a professional team that had the unique experience of organising the successful Olympic Games in 2004, with highly-trained volunteers and with the full support of the local societies, would like to declare to our distinguished visitors that we have the will and the ability to organise a unique Mediterranean Games in 2013.”

Deputy Minister of Sports George Orfanos said the hospitality of major international events in Greece “are part of our policy’s priorities. Greece is able and willing to organise the Mediterranean Games, as it has a unique experience in international events. We will be ready to host a unique Mediterranean Games in 2013 if you give us the honor of selecting us,” Orfanos said.

The last Games were held in Almeria, Spain in 2005 and the next Games are in the Italian coastal city of Pescara in 2009. The Mediterranean Games are a multi-sport games held every four years for the nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The idea of holding the Games was proposed at the 1948 Summer Games by Mohamed Taher Pasha, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

They were inaugurated on October 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt, in honour of Mohamed Taher Pasha, the man to whom their inspiration is owed, with contests being held in 13 sports along with the participation of 734 athletes from 10 countries. Ever since, they have taken place without interruption. In 1993, it was decided it should be held every four years.

The Mediterranean Games stand as the greatest sport event of the Mediterranean region, attracting the interest of the maritime countries, where Europe, Africa and Asia meet. The Games are an opportunity for a peaceful confrontation between youth from three continents, different cultures and religions, yet bound together by a common ideal, the Olympic Ideal, which sprung from an ancient Mediterranean country, Greece, the cradle of the western civilisation. A chance is thus given, through the Games, for young people to get to know each other, appreciate each other, reaffirm or strengthen their ties in a climate of peaceful rivalry.

The vision of the bid committee is to bring together high level athletes from all the Mediterranean countries who will compete in line with the Mediterranean ideals, fair play and the regulations of the international sports federations. The Games, held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, fall within the competence of the Hellenic Olympic Committee in terms of the preparation and composition, precisely as for the Olympic Games. Their establishment must be credited to the HOC for it played a leading role in their being founded.

Athens is the permanent seat of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, irrespective of who the president might be, and the committee’s general secretary is Greek. This is a further tribute to Greece, highlighting its leading role as regards the function and strengthening of the institution.

The logo of the Games, called the ‘Mediterranean Olympics’, is composed of three white rings symbolically representing the three continents Africa, Asia and Europe that have coasts on the Mediterranean, reflecting themselves in the blue colour of the sea. The logo has been used since the Split Games of Yugoslavia in 1979, for which it was devised and afterwards accepted for the whole Games. During the closing ceremony, the flag of the Games is transferred to the country of the city chosen for the organisation of the next Mediterranean Games.

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge announced the patronage of the IOC to the Mediterranean Games and that he will attend the opening ceremony of the 16th Games in Pescara on 26 June 2009.

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