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Hotels in Greece get green tips June 22, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Hotels Greece.

Over 10,000 hotels in holiday destinations such as Kos, Kefalonia, and other are set to provide greener services with the help of a charity.

The Travel Foundation will provide hotels in Greece with information on sustainability, helping them provide a more environmentally friendly service. In a bid to help preserve the astounding natural beauty that many holiday destination spots rely on to attract tourists, hotel owners will be provided with advice about how to save energy, source supplies locally and waste management.

Proprietors will receive information packs translated into Greek including top ten tips and a DVD showing them how to make their service more sustainable. Hotel staff and customers will also be able to see posters informing them of how to minimise their own impact on the environment.

Holidaymakers catching cheap flights to Kos or other Greek destinations, will be able to sleep more soundly in the knowledge that the hotel they are swimming and sleeping in is doing it’s bit for the planet.

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