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Most Greek citizens tolerant of recovering addicts June 26, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Health & Fitness.

Only one in 10 Greek citizens would object to the establishment of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts in their neighborhood, a study by social scientists revealed ahead of International Day against Drug Abuse today.

Just 12 percent of a sample group of 700 questioned in Athens, Thessaloniki and Iraklion, Crete, said that they would not want such a center near their home, the National Center for Documentation and Information about Drugs told a press conference yesterday. Furthermore, eight in 10 said they would help an acquaintance with a drug problem, while two out of three said they would have no qualms about working with a drug addict.

The center also presented the results of a second survey which showed that the majority of drug addicts regarded work, family support and a comprehensive rehabilitation program as three crucial ingredients for kicking the habit.

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