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Multiple grave located in Agia June 26, 2007

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The remains of 13 people, believed to be Greek Cypriot soldiers, were found during excavations in Turkish Cypriot village Agia over the weekend.

The Investigative Committee for the Missing Persons believe the soldiers were killed in the Palekithro village during the 1974 Turkish military invasion in the Republic of Cyprus. More excavations are expected to take place next week in two other multiple graves found in the Palekithro area.


The village, which adjoins Tympou village, has been at the centre of excavations in the occupied areas over the past two weeks. The other two graves, along with another outside the village, are hoped to offer some insight into the fate of the some 1,468 Greek Cypriots now listed as after the invasion.

Based on information located by Politis newspaper, the majority of the remains found belonged to Greek Cypriot soldiers who fought in the area during the Turkish invasion. More specifically, the paper says the men belonged to Infantry Fleet 226, which was at the time based in Larnaca. A total of 49 men were declared missing from the specific fleet since August 14, 1974, the second phase of the invasion, when the Mia Milia fron line was broken and the Turkish army entered the area in a line between Nicosia and Famagusta.

The second mass grave, which was also brought to light by Politis after receiving a witness report by Palekithro resident Achilleas Constantinou, was located under a eucalyptus tree just outside the village, where excavation proceedings will begin in the specific area next week.

In another recent publication, the paper told the story of Myrofora Loizou, the mother of young Christakis Georgiou who was a primary school pupil when he went missing during the Turkish invasion. Loizou told the paper how the eucalyptus tree was planted by Christakis and his father Giorgos.

The last anyone heard of Christakis, he had been taken hostage with other Greek Cypriots and held captive in a church in Voni village. The paper also claims that the young boy had been executed in a nearby field along with seven other of his compatriots, but says this information was not confirmed.

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