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Music’s total devotion June 26, 2007

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Eminent young Greek conductor, Theodoros Kourentzis, already a key figure in Russia, performs tomorrow and Thursday as part of the Athens Festival.

Theodoros Kourentzis left his modest Athenian neighborhood of Vyronas, where he was born and raised, at the age of 20, to further pursue his musical studies in St Petersburg.

Within a decade, his stature had risen rapidly amid a revived Russian circuit. The 35-year-old Greek conductor, who is already being hailed as a likely successor to great Russian artists, draws capacity audiences at his performances. An explosive personality, Kourentzis, who has begun accumulating prestigious awards, has made a huge impact on the Russian scene. His activity includes risque productions at the Novosibirsk opera, which the Greek conductor took to the forefront of public interest when he assumed the post of artistic director there three years ago.

During the past year, Kourentzis has co-directed “Territoria,” a Moscow-based international festival that was introduced by the Putin administration. The Greek artist has also gained attention through Musica Aeterna, an orchestra of soloists which he founded and directs.

The act is currently preparing to perform in Greece for the first time. Musica Aeterna are scheduled for two concerts, as part of the Athens Festival’s agenda, beginning with an evening at the Athens Concert Hall tomorrow. The performance will feature Yuri Basmet on viola. A second show is scheduled for Thursday at Pireos 260 venue, where Musica Aeterna will perform classical and contemporary works which, as presented by Kourentzis and his orchestra, have become major successes in Russia.

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