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Trata’s Greek Sangria June 27, 2007

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Exclusively at Trata in Water Mill > Summer parties mean summer cocktails. A lot of wine, a lot of fruit, and a few other add-ins make this the best Sangria you’ve ever had. If you’re in the area drop by Trata to sample this delicious concoction. 

Ingredients >
3 bottles Sauvignon Blanc
1 bottle Greek Savatiano Wine
1 bottle White Zinfandel
10 oz. Triple Sec
6 oz. Greek Metaxa 7-Star Brandy
2 cups sugar
4 oz. Greek Triantafyllo, rose syrup
Fresh fruit cut into cubes, mango, pineapple, red and green apple, orange, and grapes

Method >
Combine all wine liquors, and sugar in a large glass jar and mix well to dissolve sugar. Add rose syrup and fruit. Mix again.
Refrigerate for several hours or overnight. As flavors blend together your sangria will be even better!
Makes approximately 30 servings.

Trata is located at 1020 Montauk Highway in water Mill, call 631-726-6200 for reservations.


The Greek Spot in Northwest June 27, 2007

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This polka dot of a takeout joint in Northwest Washington has been transformed into a pleasant carryout in the year since Gregory Kavadias took the helm.

The bulletproof glass is gone; now there are traditional colors of the Greek isles, a patio lined with mint plants and a refrigerated case filled with salads and desserts. Kavadias transformed the typical Greek menu as well, influenced by his Greek-born parents’ 40 years of running a Capitol Hill restaurant called Taverna the Greek Islands and by his own meatless diet.

Many of the Greek Spot’s vegetarian offerings are more creative and downright tastier than those of its competitors. The spanakopita, served as an appetizer or served as a platter, with orzo and green beans, has none of the bitterness that sometimes ruins other spinach pies, and the use of mint is welcome. The tiropita appetizer is perfectly executed, with phyllo leaflets wrapped around a silky and rich blend of cheeses and baked until golden.

“We have a vegetarian gyro that we make; that was my own invention,” he says of the sandwich that features Morningstar Farms Steak Strips, which are remarkably meatlike and delicious.

The Greek salad is treated with dignity here. Romaine, iceberg and chicory lettuces are graced with ribbons of carrot and slices of radish, all topped with abundant cubes of feta and sprinkled with oregano.

Some of the meat dishes can be dry, including the pork souvlaki skewers, served as an appetizer or served as a platter with pita, Greek salad and orzo, and the Athenian chicken half for a platter served with green beans and potatoes. Instead, try the gyro platter, served with tzatziki sauce, pita, Greek salad and orzo or sandwich, both featuring succulent and nicely spiced rotisserie-shaved lamb and beef.

The Greek Spot, 2017 11th St. NW. 202-265-3118. Hours: Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.; Saturday, 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Superbike school dates June 27, 2007

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The schools this year have been busier than ever, with more dates and more countries being added to the schedule, while already starting to plan 2008 just to fit everything in.

If you didn’t know this already, in addition to schools in the UK, they have Greece, Norway, Sweden, Holland, South Africa, Dubai, Ireland and Spain on their schedule this year.

Here’s the latest in Greece >

July 7th > Serres, Greece > SOLD OUT
July 8th > Serres, Greece > SOLD OUT

For further information or to book please call the office on 08700 671061 or online at www.superbikeschool.co.uk

Wines and vineyards with rich history June 27, 2007

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Wine is part of Greek cuisine. Greek wines are known throughout the world for their quality.

Wines from Greece and Cyprus with a history in wine making such as Vatistas from Greece and Haggipavlou and ETKO Commandaria from Cyprus. The history of these wine makers is on internet sites. visit them!

http://www.greekwinemakers.com/czone/winemakers/Haggipavlu.shtml, Haggipavlu Olympus Winery;

http://www.allaboutgreekwine.com/wineries/vatistas/index.html Yiannis Vatistas winery 

https://www.nicks.com.au/index.aspx?method=STA_productdetail&ProductId=474868, Etko Commandaria wines

The Cassandra curse June 27, 2007

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Cassandra, a beauty from Greek mythology, was granted the gift of prophecy from Apollo, who loved her. But when she spurned him, he cursed her. Although Cassandra could foresee future events, nobody would believe her predictions.

The Cassandra curse may in fact be a myth, but it shows that there are quite a few “Cassandras” out there who can prevent disasters if their warnings are heard and understood.

Benefiting from their warnings requires action from both leaders and the Cassandras themselves. Leaders need to make it safe to speak up and place priority on listening. They also need to make the choice to speak up and acquire the skills they need to do so effectively and respectfully.

IBBA’s Mr Olympia title to be held in Greece next November June 27, 2007

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The International Body Building Association’s Mr Olympia title to be held in Greece next November.

The title will be held in the historical city of Thessaloniki for two days starting November 25 with around 300 body builders expected to compete.

In the meantime here are some inspiring photos to keep you on track > For a whole host of photos that will keep you inspired, check out Irvin Gelb’s new bodybuilding images website at > http://www.irvingelb.com/index.htm

The editorial page especially has some beautiful shots of these exceptional athletes. Click around a little and let it inspire you!

Canada’s womens soccer team heads to Rhodes June 27, 2007

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Team is part of 60 athletes heading to the International NatWest Island Games XII in Rhodes, Greece, June 30 to July 6, 2007

The P.E.I. women’s soccer team, the first soccer team from Canada to go to the International Island Games, headed to Rhodes Tuesday for the competition. The team is looking forward to the opportunity to compete against largely European competition, where soccer is closer to a religion than a sport.

The team has been working hard to get ready for what is expected to be tough competition, and challenging weather. Rhodes in July will have the women playing in heat rarely seen on P.E.I. The team has been playing against men’s teams to gear up for tougher competition, and working in heavy clothing in an effort to prepare for the weather.

The women’s soccer team is part of a contingent of 60 athletes making the trip to Rhodes. They’ll be competing in swimming, tennis, women’s basketball, golf, judo, triathlon and long-distance running.

The International Island Games were first held in the Isle of Man in 1985, and have been held every two years since. Prince Edward Island is one of the few North American members of the group, which has 25 members. P.E.I. hopes to make a big show at the games, because it will be bidding for the right to host the games in 2013, and become the first non-European country to win that honour.

Visit the Official Website of the City of Rhodes > http://www.rhodes.gr/portal_en/

Related Links > http://www.islandgames.net