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Greek-Cypriot YouTube star heading for Hollywood July 4, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Media Radio TV.

Orthodoxos Theodoulou the YouTube film producer with acclaimed hits including “Meat Balls”, “Fajin” among others has attracted the attention of some of Hollywood’s leading digital media production houses.

Orthodoxos said > “..I began filming my mum and dad as a hobby and to make my family and friends laugh, but following the massive press interest this has now been transformed into a full time job”.

Orthodoxos is now working on a new project “S-300” which by all accounts will spellbound the fan base of thousands that follow his work on YouTube.

‘S-300’ Trailer > Cypriot Secret Investigations (CSI), have had to call upon their No1 agent, code name ‘the onion’ license to cook. His mission is to infiltrate a North London HQ and steal plans for the ‘S-300’ missile site due to be built in Famagusta.


1. cannonxl1 - September 18, 2007

Can you please post the movie…

2. grhomeboy - September 18, 2007

The movie, if you mean the above “Meat Balls” or “Fajin” , which we have available on this blog is the Meat Balls one. Here is the link >

It was posted on 1st April 2007, under our the “Food Cyprus” blog’s category.

If you would like, you can also search YouTube using the director’s name, Orthodox Theodoulou, or using the titles of his video clips. If we can assist you further, please do let us know. Thanks for your comment, it’s a pleasure to help.

3. cannonxl1 - September 21, 2007

No, I mean the movie S-300. You have the trailer featured, why don’t you post the movie?

4. grhomeboy - September 21, 2007

The answer cannonxl1 I;m afraid is a very simple one. No post of the movie means simply not available with us.

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