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Safe sex seems to be the norm in Greece July 4, 2007

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The age for first having sex on an average is 19.25 years worldwide, according to “Global Face of Sex”, a worldwide study of sexual behaviour and contraceptive use, compiled by Durex Network.

In contrast, Austrians are the youngest to lose their virginity, at 17.3 years. Brazilians at 17.4 years, Germans at 17.6 years, New Zealanders at 17.8 years and Australians at 17.9 years trail closely behind. Incidentally, Americans lose their virginity at an average of 18 years. Almost half the women surveyed also said they regretted their first sexual experience, compared with 32 per cent of men.

Safe sex seems to be the norm in Greece as 88 per cent used contraception the first time they have sex. Poland, with 86 per cent, and Thailand, with 84 per cent, follow closely behind. However, in the US, Australia and France, condom use hovered around the 60 per cent mark. People were less likely to feel pressured into having sex or having sex earlier if they lived in an area, had a better education or higher income. The study indicated that women were 25 per cent more likely than men to take precautions but were more likely to feel pressured. Almost 30 per cent of women revealed that they felt under pressure, compared to 15 per cent of men.

The survey also revealed that sex worldwide could be better as barely 44 per cent of people are fully satisfied with their sex lives. In contrast, for 60 per cent sex is fun, enjoyable, and a vital part of life.

Frequency of sex varies considerably, Greece tops with 87 per cent having sex weekly, followed by Brazil at 82 per cent and Russia at 80 per cent. India hovers at 68 per cent; above Britain at 55 per cent and the United States at 53 per cent. However, the shocker is Japan, only 34 per cent have sex weekly.

The survey also revealed that people become less satisfied with their sex lives as they get older, more so for men than women. This is partly because they tend to have sex less often and have been in relationships for longer. In the UK, more than a quarter of people did not use contraception when having sex for first time, and 14 per cent were under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

The survey found that overall contraceptive use had increased in the past 50 years. However, three in 10 people still reported that they did not use protection when they first had sex.

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