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Billy Zane’s fashion is > July 7, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Fashion & Style, Movies Life.

I’d describe my fashion style as bi-polar. It’s a schizophrenic mix of country gent upstairs and motorcycle delivery man downstairs, Hooray Henry crossed with Mad Max.

I like to mix contemporary styles with vintage classics. This eclectic style tends not to be deliberate or contrived, rather it’s a happy accident. I’ve never waxed any part of my body. I’m happy with where my hair is. Kelly Brook, his fiancée, loves my stubble. She likes it on my head as well as my face.

Recently, for a play, I went for the fully hirsute look, I had to have a handlebar moustache and mutton chops. I also grew some hair on top. But the emphasis is on the word “some”, because I’m not over-endowed. But in summer, I tend to keep my head shaved.

I’m a binge shopper. I tend to buy a whole season in one go rather than a piece here and a piece there. I put off shopping and then blitz it. When I worked in London recently, I flew in direct from Greece, where I’d been filming Fishtales with Kelly.

I’d had no time to go home to LA, so I had to go shopping as soon as I got here. It was a great excuse to visit my friend the tailor Ozwald Boateng in Savile Row and to call in at Gieves & Hawkes. Labels aren’t everything. A piece of clothing doesn’t have to have a designer label.

My favourite item this summer, for example, has been an £8 sarong I picked up on the Greek island of Spetses. It’s dark blue with yellow suns on it and it was totally versatile. I wore it as a sarong, a scarf and a shirt beneath a jean jacket. It even served as a tent, so I got my money’s worth. I couldn’t be parted from my favourite leather jacket. I bought it in 1988 at a shop called Skin Deep in Sydney.

Over the years it has moulded itself to my body shape and become a second skin. It was a simply cut black jacket when I bought it; now it is so worn it is grey, almost white in places. Genetically, I wasn’t made for high fashion. I can’t get away with that anorexic, androgynous look you see on catwalks.

My ancestors came from Sparta, in Greece, where male babies considered runts were hurled from the cliffs. So probably thanks to my genes I’m a complete meathead.

I’m crazy about hats. I have all kinds… caps, Fedoras, a worn Panama or two, a messed-up straw hat. I like vintage hats, too, like Trilbies from the Fifties. And there’s a lot to be said for the floppy Henry Miller. Jewellery is cliched. Bangles, necklaces and trinkets all seem about as individual as tattoos or piercings. Fundamentally, there’s nothing unique or rebellious about any of that stuff. I’m also not fond of jewellery that is glaringly aspirational and meant to tell observers how wealthy the wearer might be.

Acting can be a very emasculating endeavour because it’s the terrain of the effete. You have to mind how you look, it goes with the territory. If you ask a builder whether he moisturises he’ll probably give you a very heterosexual, alpha-male answer; I’d probably do that, too.

I like to keep in shape. When I’m in LA I run and do Pilates or yoga. I’ll push a little weight, too, but I bulk up easily. Ten years ago I trained for 12 months for The Phantom and I needed to be big. I’m much less beefy now but my muscles have retained their ‘memory’: now I only have to look at a dumbbell and I inflate.

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