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Greece shares food and wine with the world July 11, 2007

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After centuries of producing high-quality food products, the Greeks are ready to export them. And they want the world to know.

More than 200 journalists and buyers from around the world gathered on Crete, the cradle of Mediterranean cuisine, for Greece’s “culinary reveal,” if you will. The Greek word “kerasma” refers to the idea of offering tastes, sharing new experiences and communicating with others through food and drink. Kerasma is also the name of the organization that brought the journalists together for this week of feasting and learning.

The selection of Greek food and wine is incredible. Although feta is made throughout Greece, it is very different from the white cheese you buy elsewhere. In fact, a recent decision by the European market will ensure that only cheese produced in Greece can be called “feta.” Keep in mind that feta is only one of the cheeses Greece produces. Myzithra, kopanisti, graviera and manouri cheeses each has its own character.

And the wines they tried were a huge surprise. The Greeks have been sending vintners to France and Napa Valley for decades. And this has turned their wine production around. They now make some extremely noteworthy wines, which should be available in the U.S.

One highlight was visiting Greek women’s home kitchens to cook and learn to make traditional dishes, which we never see in the states. Greek food is often vegetarian friendly. This recipe for briam is a very fresh, oven-baked ratatouille of sorts with potatoes and fresh tomatoes. The potatoes soak up the wonderful olive oil and fresh oregano. Eat it with home-baked bread to soak up all the juices.

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