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George Michael’s Athens concert July 12, 2007

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One of the top events in Greece this summer, if not of the year, is the forthcoming live performance of George Michael in Athens, July 26.

One of the Greek lifestyle magazines, titled Downtown, published the news that Greek-Cypriot singer Anna Vissi will open George Michael’s concert as a support act. However, local Love Radio published on its website that these news are false. The radio claims that Anna Vissi is currently recording her new CD album in Los Angeles and travels between LA and New York where Anna owns a house as wel as a restaurant business.

George Michael’s Athens concert is on 26 July at the Athens Olympic Sports Complex Stadium.

And by the way, did you know that superstar George Michael is of Greek-Cypriot origins?

george_michael_pic.jpg  Michael was born Giorgos Kyriacou Panayiotou in East Finchley, North London. His father was Kyriacos Panayiotou, a Greek-Cypriot restaurateur who moved to England in the 1950s and changed his name to “Jack Panos”. Michael’s maternal grandfather was from a poor working-class English family and his maternal grandmother was from a wealthy Jewish family. Their daughter was Michael’s beloved mother, Lesley Angold Harrison, a former dancer who died of cancer in 1997.

He spent the majority of his childhood in North London living in the home his parents bought shortly after his birth. He began his career by forming a short-lived ska band called The Executive with his best friends Andrew Ridgeley, Paul Ridgeley, Andrew Leaver and David Mortimer (aka David Austin). George attended Kingsbury High School, briefly in 1974, as did his sisters Melanie and Yioda.

With or without Anna, HomeboyMediaNews’ Editor will be there! Join me!

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