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The Greece of Praxiteles and Leonidas in two exhibitions July 13, 2007

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Opening in late July at the Athens National Archaeological Museum and the Sparta Olive Museum

hermes.jpg  This is the best surviving copy (AD 117-138) of the Marble Faun by Praxiteles (340-330 BC). The sculptor’s style was influential, inspiring many to emulate him.

Two exhibitions that have been on display abroad are coming to Greece. “Discover Praxiteles” comes from the Louvre in Paris, while from New York comes “Athens-Sparta: From the 8th Century to the 5th Century BC.” The former will be shown at the National Archaeological Museum. Among the works on display will be the famous Ephebe of Marathon, which caused such tension in Greek-French relations. The French had invested a lot in that statue, mainly in their advertising campaign for the tribute to Praxiteles. The statue was absent from their exhibition, disappointing Louvre officials, but it did create a lot of publicity. The Athens exhibition will be different, containing fewer exhibits.

The “Athens-Sparta” exhibition was originally shown at the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation in New York, and will now go on display at the Museum of the Olive and Olive Oil in Sparta.

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