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Greek Cypriot sailor gains ticket to Beijing Olympics July 15, 2007

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A 17-year-old Cypriot sailor has gained a hard-won ticket to represent Cyprus in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, a local nautical club said on Wednesday.

Pavlos Kontides, finished 62nd at the world sailing championships which took place in Cascais, Portugal.

“By winning this privileged position Kontides managed to place Cyprus at the 29th place and at the same time to qualify for the Olympics,” the Limassol Nautical Club announced in a press release.

Kontides earned his Mediterranean island country the last ticket for men’s one person dinghy-laser, according to the website of the International Sailing Federation. The 2008 Olympic sailing competition will take place in Qingdao from the 9-21 August. Gold medals will be decided in eleven Olympic sailing events, featuring a total of 400 sailors.


Turkey cancels Greek singer’s concert in Istanbul July 15, 2007

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Turkish authorities canceled at last moment, a concert by Greek singer Giorgos Dalaras in Istanbul, saying they did not receive necessary documents, an official said Sunday.

Giorgos Dalaras’ concert was expected to take place in a castle Saturday evening as part of the World Congress of Orthodox Youth, organized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinopole, today’s Istanbul.

The performance was canceled at the last moment because the organizers failed to deliver documents required for such events, said Nazir Senturk, of the governor’s office. The Greek singer had reportedly been criticized by segments of the Turkish media in the days leading up to the concert for being anti-Turkish in his stance on the Cyprus issue and the Kurdish dispute in Turkey.

Cyprus is divided since July 1974 when Turkey invaded the Republic of Cyprus occupying the north area of the country, into a Greek Cypriot south, represented by the internationally recognized Greek Cypriot government, and a Turkish Cypriot north recognized only by Ankara. The two sides agreed a year ago to start negotiations toward eventual reunification, but there has been little activity.

“Certain groups intensified the situation by publishing inaccurate information which could have led to this development,” Dalaras told a Greek TV station.

Senturk said the decision was not politically motivated.

Greek media reported the concert was canceled by the Istanbul prefecture on the grounds that the archaeological authorities responsible for the site did not grant permission. “These are just excuses,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Giorgos Koumountsakos said late Saturday. “He is an internationally acclaimed artist, especially liked in Turkey, and the decision to cancel his performance raises questions,” he said.

On this day > A black anniversary for Cyprus July 15, 2007

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On 15 July 1974 the military junta at that time ruling Greece with the support of the CIA and American National Security advisor Henry Kissinger orders a coup d’etat to overthrow the first elected President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios. Makarios is forced to flee to the Cyprus British base.

Five days after the coup on 20 July 1974, Turkey’s military forces invade in the Republic of Cyprus and captures more than 3% of the Republic’s territory around the town of Kyrenia, driving out the Greek Cypriot population.

Three days later the Greek military junta collapsed and Democracy in Greece is restored. On 14 August 1974, after UN talks break down, Turkey lands 40,000 troops on the north coast of the Republic of Cyprus. More than 200,000 Greek Cypriots are forced to flee to the south areas of the Republic. Turkish military forces capture more than 37% of the Republic of Cyprus. 

Thirty three – 33 – years since 1974, Cyprus’ north area is still under Turkish military control and occupation.

Anti-occupation memorial and honorary demonstrations for all the victims of the 1974 coup continued yesterday ahead of today’s anniversary.

Putting on a united front, political parties and Church voiced condemnations for the July 15 coup starting on Friday and culminating today.

Yesterday morning EDEK carried out a procession from its offices in Paphos towards the Ethnarch Makarios Monument where EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou spoke a few words and laid down wreaths. A second service was held at the bust of hero Kokos Fotiou in Larnaca where Justice Minister Sophocles Sophocleous spoke.

Last night AKEL held its demonstration condemning the coup in Larnaca with Pambis Kyritsis as its speaker. The left wing party’s grand condemnation gathering will be held on Tuesday in Nicosia’s Eleftheria Square.

Meanwhile the United Democrats yesterday honoured the fallen by holding a short memorial service at the graves of the coup’s victims at Nicosia’s Saints Constantinou and Elenis Orthodox cemetery.

Today churches throughout the island will hold services in memory of the coup with further condemnation demonstrations.

Cyprus Airways slashes fares to Bucharest, new Amex card July 15, 2007

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Cyprus Airways has announced a reduction in the fare for the three-weekly flights to Bucharest, with the return ticket selling for CyPounds110, (188 euros) plus taxes and airport charges.

The Cypriot National carrier also announced that fare reductions are greater in Business class, with a cut of CyPounds30-45 (51-77 euros) for regular passengers and CyPounds111 for Sunjet Gold Visa card holders, reduced from CyPounds315 to 204 (349 euros).

Cyprus Airways and the Bank of Cyprus recently introduced a new range of loyalty credit cards, the SunMiles American Express, that carries the same privileges as the SunMiles Visa, also issued by the Bank of Cyprus. The new cards will replace all SunMiles Visa cards by the end of September and will maintain the same subscription fees.

New additional incentives include a 10% discount on in-flight duty free purchases, Shop in the air, free use of the Executive Lounge at Larnaca Airport for Sun Miles Platinum and Business American Express holders, special discounts through the Selects, motor rescue services, travel insurance, 20% discount towards the Sunjet Executive Club card and free participation in the Bank of Cyprus Happy Days scheme.

For every CyPounds10 (17 euros) of purchases, cardholders will earn 10 SunMiles and up to 225 SunMiles for the purchase of Cyprus Airways tickets.

Cyprus > Famagusta July 15, 2007

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The golden sandy beaches of the tree, non-occupied, Ammochostos district gently embrace the eastern coiner of the island.

The popular holiday resorts of Agia Napa, Protaras and Paralimni have been called a veritable paradise for anyone who loves the sea and water sports. The charming scenery includes the tiny fishing harbour of Agia Napa , the mediaeval monastery at the heart of the village and the windmills and small churches in the surrounding villages which spread out to the areas of Paralimni and Protaras. This region is the main potato producing area on the island, and is known as ‘Kokkinochoria’ which means ‘red soil villages’. The villages of this area are equally known for their folk poets, who are regarded as the best on the island.

PARALIMNI > Since the Turkish military occupation of Ammochostos in July 1974, this small town has become the temporary administrative centre of the district. The twin aisled vaulted church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Panagia, is decorated with unusual 18th century porcelain plates. The church, parts of which belong to the 13th century, houses a small Ecclesiastical Museum. Other interesting churches are also to be found in the area.

AGIA NAPA > Originally a fishing village it is now a major tourist resort. The charming mediaeval monastery dedicated to ‘Our Lady of the Forests’ stands in the middle of the village surrounded by a high wall. Its 16th century church is partly underground and cut into the rock. The hostel west of the church, belongs to the World Council of Churches. The ancient sycamore tree in front of the south gate is believed to be over 600 years old. The Marine Life Museum can be found within the premises of the Agia Napa Municipality.

DERYNEIA > The village has three interesting churches; the small domed 17th century church of Agios Georgios, the 15th century Agia Marina church, and a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary with excellent 1 7th century icons.

From this village one may gaze on the ‘ghost city’ of Ammochostos, now under occupation by the Turkish military forces. Once the most popular holiday resort in Cyprus, Ammochostos lies desolate since 1974 as all its inhabitants are now refugees.

SOTIRA > There are five Byzantine Churches of considerable importance as regards their architectural style and the beauty of the masonry. The church of Agios Mamas lies at the eastern entrance to the village. It dates back to the early 16th century, as do most of its surviving wall paintings. About one kilometre to the west is the cruciform church of Panagia Chordakiotissa, the church of Agios Georgios Chortakion and the church of Agios Theodoros, of which only the narthex survives. In the centre of the village lies the church of the Metamorphosis tou Sotiros (13th -16th centuries), which displays excellent examples of post-Komninian art (early 13th century). In the centre of the village is a small Ecclesiastical Museum.

LIOPETRI > Here is a 16th century church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the 15th century church of Agios Andronikos, with an octagonal dome and murals which can still be distinguished in the apse. Liopetri still carries on the traditional craft of basket-making.

FRENAROS > The village of Frenaros has its own small Byzantine churches. Two of them, the Agios Andronikos and the Archangelos Michail date back to the 12th century. The church of Agia Marina has some interesting frescoes painted by different artists.

POTAMOS, or river, LIOPETRIOU > A picturesque fishing refuge. Nearby are the remains of a Venetian watch-tower. The French poet Arthur Rimbaud worked in this area in the 1880s.

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WARNING > Property in the so-called “North Cyprus” July 15, 2007

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We would like to emphasize the fact that the north area of The Republic of Cyprus is under Turkish military control and occupation. Since July 1974 there has been invasion, occupation and 200.000 refugees that were forcefully removed from their homes and properties.

When thinking of buying property in the so-called “North Cyprus” you should seriously take into consideration that there is a great chance that you will be purchasing stolen property, thus becoming an accomplice to serious violations of human rights and the UN’s resolutions.

You should also take into consideration that based on the solution of the Cyprus Issue you most probably will have to return the property you purchase to its rightful owners. Get > Independent Cyprus Property Information

Latest News > Home in North may threaten EU assets > Expats on Greek Cypriot properties could face move on their UK homes. Read > Part I and Part II.

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