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Bitten by the bug > get rough on a buggy safari in Limassol July 22, 2007

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While driving along the windy roads en route to Asgata, rather than slow your car down for a group of mountain goats, you may have to do it for a team of dust-laden four-wheel buggies crossing the road ahead of you.

The shepherd of this herd is Andreas Lofitis, the owner of Sayious Motorsport Adventures, who leads daily off-road safari tours throughout the backcountry region of Asgata, close to Limassol.

An avid lover of motorcycles and off road riding, he started this family run business with his wife and two sons just ten months ago and now leads daily tours by appointment only. The experience requires some psychological preparation and a deep desire for adventure. You may not see lions preying on antelope or hippos cooling themselves in the river, but you will be led to a number of worthwhile historic sites, over dramatic bridge overpasses, and to local village hotspots; this all after a jaw chattering, bumpy ride along rugged mountain trails with breathtaking views. Lofitis stressed that this ride is very safe for people of all ages, as long as one rides with care. There is also a racetrack at the headquarters of Sayious for those intent on a different type of fun.

At first the foreign object which one finds oneself driving feels eccentric and unpredictable, but within minutes the robustness of the vehicle becomes evident, and the sharp corners, sudden dips and boulders are more confidently maneuvered. Ninety-five percent of the trip is off road riding in an ATV buggy, a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle with engine powers of 150 cc.

The Sayious route includes excursions through nature trails and along farm roads, a scenic drive over the Kalavasos Dam as well as a stop at the Kalavasos mine, where the tour guide offers some historical insight into the region’s gold and copper mining industries. The final stop is at Lenia’s Restaurant in Asgata for a cold brew, or a coffee and a succulent traditional Cypriot sweet. The panoramic views on our ride back demand our undivided attention and as we reach the headquarters, there is a feeling of both satisfaction and disappointment; the satisfaction from the adrenaline rush of the ride and the disappointment with the journey’s end. This experience inevitably leaves one wanting more.

For those concerned with the environmental impact of such a sport, rest assured that the crew of Sayious Motorsport Adventures is very careful to remain on the designated trails. If you are considering partaking in this Safari adventure, do make sure you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and above all do not wear flip-flops, as they make the driving more difficult. Juice and coffee are complementary and helmets, suits and wireless communication devices are also provided.

Sayious Motorsport Adventure > Cy£20 per hour with a 90-minute minimum. Operating Hours are: 14:30 – 17:30 on Monday through Friday, and 10:00 – 13:00 and 14:30 – 17:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Age limit is 18 or above for drivers, and 15 or above for passengers, with parental permission. Tel 25 366525 or 99 534827, www.sayious.com, info@sayious.com

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