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Bump and grind > quad bikes around Akamas July 22, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Cyprus Paphos, Racing & Motors.

For the thrill seeker, quad bikes provide an adrenaline rush but are also safe when handled properly. Now available in Cyprus for safaris give them a go!

Think of quad bikes and images of, probably, men racing round the muddy countryside usually spring to mind. The bikes themselves were actually designed to be used as farm vehicles, and indeed still are, although in Europe and America they are now far more likely to be used as a means to celebrate stag nights or for an alternative means of transport for a safari.

In Cyprus too the trend is catching on and quadding safaris are now available in various parts of the island. The 400cc Bombardier Outlander automatic is reckoned to be one of the easiest rides it is possible to get on four wheels. Tested in the Chilean mountains at altitudes of up to 5,250 metres, where it was ridden over volcanoes, frozen salt lakes and even minefields, it was sure to stand up to a morning jolly around the Akamas.

Dirt and dust flying in your face means goggles, or at least sturdy sunglasses, are essential. Clothes too are likely to get splattered with dust or mud depending on the season and those with a health problem such as asthma would be well advised to wear a proper dust mask throughout the trip.

Loud and fast, quad bikes have acquired something of a live fast reputation, and in the wrong hands they can indeed by dangerous. In what became a very public incident, Ozzy Osborne broke a vertebrae in his neck, his collarbone and cracked six ribs in a quad bike accident on his estate. Then, comedian Rik Mayall spent five days in a coma after his quad bike landed on top of him. Both these celebrities made the mistake of treating this recreational vehicle as a fun, outdoor toy forgetting it’s a powerful machine that needs to be treated with a great deal of respect.

Ruling the bike is key to riding safe on a quad, you have to be at one with what’s between your legs, so you can then churn up the earth in full accordance with health and safety regulations; the quad is basically the modern equivalent of the horse in that you have to always hold the reins tight and be ever the master of the machine.

Tipping the bike over is an initial fear for many first-time riders but, that only happens when a person is being foolish and loses control, if the ground is greasy the rear end can slide out but, overall, the quad is much easier to ride than a motorbike. The other daft and exceedingly dangerous trick is standing up while driving, that’s when you can be felled by a branch.

Taking these safety concerns on board, quads can be great fun. The quad has the superior advantage of being able to get to places other vehicles cannot venture so your trip can be quite exciting, especially if you’d never ventured to those parts of the Akamas.

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