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JK Rowling’s magic spin on Greek mythology hero July 31, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Books Life.

After Harry Potter, Rowling expresses her interest towards the Greek classics of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Now that the final Harry Potter book is out, a prominent publishing firm is hoping to get its hands on author JK Rowling, and persuade her to tell the tale of legendary Greek hero Orpheus. Rowling, who studied Greek and Roman mythology at Exeter University in the 1980s, has already expressed a wish to cover the classics, and now the publishing house wants to make her wish come true.

If Rowling does agree, then it will also be a coup for the publishers, who will be able to boast of having her amongst its ranks of celebrity writers who have contributed to its best-selling Myths series. Orpheus is best known for attempting to rescue his wife Eurydice from the underworld. 

An insider revealed, “She has expressed an interest in updating the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, but the whole thing is being kept under wraps, so not to overshadow the launch of the final Harry Potter book.”

The idea was to approach top-class writers and invite them to retell any myth in their own style. “In turn, their myths would be published all over the world. Already a wonderful array of writers have come on board, as have 24 superb international publishers,” the sources added.

Katherine Rushton, publishing reporter believes that writing Orpheus’ tale would be a great move on Rowling’s part. “People will go out and buy whatever JK chooses to write next, but updating Greek myths could be an inspired choice,” she said.

Jon Hesk, an expert in Greek literature at St Andrews University, feels that the author should reintroduce the classics to today’s generation. “The magical element of classical mythology seems to have made a big impression on Rowling, and Harry Potter is a hero in the Greek tradition. Because of her knowledge of the classics, she is ideally placed to re-examine the mythology of Orpheus,” he said.

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