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August Village Festivals in Cyprus August 5, 2007

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August is a great time to visit Cyprus as it’s the time many villages host their own version of summer celebrations, with varying ingredients of live music, traditional dancing and plenty of food and wine.

In August partying villages include Arsos (14-16 August), Alona, Pegeia (14-15 August), Agros (15-16 August), Laneia, Lofou, Kannaviou, Kallepia, Kritou, Nata, Pissouri, Kalopanagiotis, Galata, Vasa Sylkiou, Agios Georgios, Agios Therapon and Monagri.

Agros Village Festival > Every summer, the village of Agros celebrates its uniqueness with a two-day festival, offering the chance to sample local food, wine and live music as well as the numerous rose-derived products that make the village so well-known.

Agros is known for its rosewater, rose liqueur, rose brandy, rose perfumes and aromatic rose candles, all made using traditional methods from the locally grown flowers.

When > 15-16 August 2007 in Agros, Cyprus.

Dionysia Festival > Every summer, the village of Stroumbi throws its own festival, with three days of traditional performances, live music, plenty of food and local wines. This is a good time to visit, not least because you’ll get to know the Cypriots pretty fast.

When > 24-26 August 2007, Stroumbi, Paphos, Cyprus.

UPDATE >>> As the towns roast in the summer heat and droves leave for holidays, mountain villages take on a life of their own. We dig out some festivals that might lure you to join in.

A number of summer festivals in the mountain regions now offer a breath of fresh air to those who are a bit hot and bothered by life in town during August. You can take your pick from various celebrations, with some that appeal to those with a sweet tooth, while others should give lovers of folk music and dance a real treat. Then, of course, there’s the Limassol Wine Festival that has become an annual occasion, luring thousands to the vibrant seaside town as they indulge in all that the local wine industry has to offer.

Pelendri > August 3 to 13
The festival in Pelendri has already kicked off, as locals have come together to celebrate the start of the holiday season. For those that can make it down to the village centre tonight, a concert will be taking place at 8.30pm with singers from across the island coming together to perform Greek music from days gone by.
If that’s not enough to lure you down to the village, then perhaps you’ll be tempted by the idea of a tour around Tsiakkas winery that will be open to the public during each day that the festival is running. The mountain villages in the Pitsilia region of Cyprus are famed for their grapevines and Pelendri is probably the most popular of them all, set at an altitude of 1,000 metres above the sea. A few kilometres from Pelendri village, Tsiakkas winery is located in a serene location surrounded by pine trees and the winery’s vineyards. Go along and enjoy some wine tasting while you explore the surrounding area.

Agridia > August 15 to 18
Ever found yourself in the centre of the capital on August 15? If you have, then you’ll know that it’s an absolute ghost town. While some people love the peace and quiet, others are more intent on being part of the action down at the beach. But what many don’t realise is that practically every mountain village in Cyprus carries out its a celebration on the day. Traditionally a feast day of the assumption of the Virgin Mary (also called the Feast of the Dormition), many forget that this summer break is a religious holiday celebrating the miracle of Virgin Mary who ascended to Heaven in bodily form after her death.
It seems that this year, Agridia is the place to be in the days around August 15 as one celebration follows the other. In the evening, you can enjoy village dances in the yard of the village school, but the best event has to be the re-enactment of a typical Cypriot wedding in the village square on August 18. How they came up with such an idea is anyone’s guess, but it will certainly be entertaining to see how locals themselves will re-enact their own traditions with a touch of humour, from the money pinned onto the bride’s dress to traditional dances in all their glory.

Trimiklini > August 17 and 18
Summer activities in Trimiklini village will be well underway on August 17 and 18 with Greek dances in the early evening and songs dedicated to Zivania, wine and Commandaria. ‘Eat, drink and be merry’ seems to be the name of the day in this picturesque village where the locals will be more than happy to top up your glasses as you dig into various specialities. Why not make a weekend of it by staying in the nearby area which means not having to worry about having to drive back home after all the alcohol consumption.

Limassol Wine Festival > August 24-September 2
How does the idea of twelve days of free wine sound? With Limassol being the island’s wine growing capital, it has now become tradition for scores of the island’s wineries to come together for a special festival within the Municipal Gardens, sharing the fruits of their labours during a feast of buffets and wine tasting. Go along to the celebration and you can indulge in some of the island’s gastronomic specialities while you sip on Commandaria and Retsina.
Take a stroll down to the open air theatre and you can also enjoy music and dance performances. And be sure not to miss one of the most commanding spectacles as the festival opens with the traditional pressing of grapes. What’s more, all the events can be enjoyed for free from 8pm-11pm daily.

Troodos Thematic Weekend > August 25 and 26
Take a wander down to the villages of Kalopanayiotis, Gerakies and Kampos for some sweet treats as the holiday season draws to an end on the weekend of August 25 and 26. Each village will be welcoming visitors in its own special way, with the presentation of local bakery products and sweets, including an organised tour of traditional honey, fruits in syrup, jam and soutzoukos manufacturers in the village centres.

Useful numbers:
Tsiakkas Winery: 25-991080
Limassol Wine Festival: 25-745919
Troodos Thematic Weekend: 25-421316 and 22-952297.


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Retsina? Made in Cyprus? I’m surprised! I have only found imported Retsina, here, and am under the impression that – in the same way that Halloumi is Cypriot and not Greek – Retsina is Greek and NOT Cypriot!

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