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Back on the road again, hope dies last August 28, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Editorial, Greece News.

Dear Friends,

Hello again from Athens, Greece, we are back from our summer vacations, and will try to catch up with the latest news coverage.

Unfortunately, as you may have already learnt, the news from the Greek front are not the best ones to talk about. You have read them in your local newspapers, you have watched them in your local TV coverage, its all about the National tragedy and the wild fires started last Friday and which are still burning in some areas of the country.

Now, still burning for the fifth day, the results so far are not the best ones you could wished for your worst enemy:

  • 63 people lost their lives, and still counting
  • whole villages, especially in the Peloponesse and in Evia, completely destroyed
  • thousands of people are left homeless
  • forests, some of the most beautiful ones, completely burnt
  • everywhere you can see ashes and ashes only
  • environment, nature and the ecosystem badly hitten
  • economy, including agriculture and tourism, collapsed in the areas destroyed by the fires, value estimated at 40 billion euros and more
  • people are still considered missing and we fear that when found, will be dead

It’s a modern Greek tragedy with the chorus

dressed in black, mourning.

The picture of a mother and her four children, all

burnt during their attempt to be saved from the

wild fires, is becoming a symbol for us. A symbol of

hope, a symbol of unity, a symbol to shout

“No more innocent victims”.

Hope dies last.

Greece, will be born again from its ashes.

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