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Cypriot DJ plays his way into Guinness Book September 5, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Music Life Greek.

A 33-year-old Cypriot DJ yesterday completed his Guinness World Record attempt to play music for over 100 hours.

At 3am George Papapetrou, also known as DJ Gee Papa, broke the existing record of 103 hours. He continued to play until 6am, making him the world’s first DJ to play non-stop music for 106 hours.

During his playtime, Papapetrou only slept for a total of four hours. He was allowed to take a five-minute break every hour. Breaks not taken were carried over to the next hour which was how he managed to sleep for the brief time that he did. Although local media tried to contact the DJ yesterday, his cousin, Vicky Koula, said he was sleeping.

“While he was playing he was fine and alert. When it all ended he started to see a little bit funny and the exhaustion hit him,” she said. Koula said her cousin was driven home and crashed as soon as he got through the door. “I think he’ll sleep for a good 12 hours. Wouldn’t you if you’ve only slept four hours in 106 hours?”

She said her cousin felt extremely satisfied with having broken the record and that at 3am he became very emotional when he broke the 103-hour mark. “We still have to see if the breaks he didn’t take will be counted on to his total hours. If yes, it’ll bring his play time to 107 or 108 hours,” she said.

Papapetrou trained for seven months to break the world record. Up until last week, the world record had been 88 hours. But a London DJ then broke the record this weekend by playing for 103 hours, forcing the 33-year-old Cypriot to play for longer than he’d first anticipated.

The DJ played music out of Limassol’s Nautical Club with a play list that included mainstream music, R&B, House, Dance, 70s, 80s, Greek and Rock. He was not allowed to play the same piece of music again for a minimum of four hours.

Seven DJs had already tried and failed to beat the 88 hour world record. Tickets sales and the proceeds from T-shirt sales at the music marathon were donated to breast cancer forum Europa Donna Cyprus. The Association yesterday issued a press release thanking the DJ and congratulating him on his successful attempt. “These efforts give us the strength to carry on as much as possible raising sensitivity and awareness about breast cancer,” Europa Donna said.

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