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An American-Greek bodybuilder sets sights on Greece September 19, 2007

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An American-Greek 57-year-old bodybuilder may be competing for international laurels this fall in the land of his ancestors > David R. Mastorakis, of Palmer, will try to win a place on Saturday in Venice, California, on the American team that will participate in the “Natural Olympia” on November 25 in Greece.

The international event is sponsored by the International Natural Bodybuilding Association. Natural bodybuilders, in addition to their exercise regimens, use vitamins and dietary supplements, Mastorakis said. But they do not use steroids or physique-enhancing drugs.

Mastorakis, who admits that he used steroids before they were banned, said he has been training naturally for 25 years. He is in the midst of a comeback, after suffering a knee injury several years ago, curbing his workouts and ballooning to 199 pounds and a 39-inch waist. He said he has trimmed down to 153 pounds and a waist of less than 29 inches.

His current workouts consist of high-intensity Nautilus routines and a fat-burning, low-intensity aerobic regimen. In late August, he said he had reduced his body fat content to 6½ to 7 percent. He said he wants it at 3 percent for the international contest. His diet is about 2,000 calories a day, including 35 to 45 grams of fiber and 140 to 160 grams of protein. He said his dietary staples include salmon, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, flaxseed, nuts and some beef.

He qualified in San Francisco earlier this month for the California contest. Mastorakis is confident that he has a shot at qualifying for the event in Greece, which is said is the key contest in natural bodybuilding.

“It will be a lot tougher than the American qualifying contests,” he said. “What really will win in these shows is muscle definition. I’m improving every week. The leaner I get, the tighter it gets.”

Mastorakis works as a personal trainer from his home in Palmer and at the Sheraton Athletic Club in Springfield. He said he began working out to lose weight at age 13, motivated, in part, by an uncle, who called him “fat boy.” By 15, he was competing in bodybuilding contests and had earned a letter of acceptance to the “Mr. America” event.

He said his proudest bodybuilding victory to date was winning “Mr. East Coast” in 1977 at the former Mountain Park in Holyoke. “I had started competing there,” he said. “They had three shows a year. They had bodybuilders from all over the country.”

Mastorakis, who is of Greek and French ancestry, was born in Holyoke and raised in Granby. He graduated from Granby High School in 1968 and served six years in the Army National Guard. He lived for 21 years in Los Angeles, where he worked as a personal trainer, including with such celebrities as Jane Fonda, Leonard Nimoy and Kim Cattrall. He and his wife, have lived in Palmer for seven years.

Although natural bodybuilding is rigorous and time-consuming, Mastorakis said he enjoys gourmet cooking as a hobby. He and his wife also spend leisure time watching cooking shows on television. “I do all the cooking” at home, he said.

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