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Satellite pinpoints burnt Greek land September 27, 2007

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Satellite images of the 182,305 hectares of land burnt across Greece by this summer’s fires in the Peloponnese and Mount Parnitha, north of Athens, will help authorities better prepare reforestation plans and anti-flood projects, according to Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University.

The Thessaloniki University has obtained the images of the burnt land from the British satellite DMC that will be handed over to authorities to facilitate delineation of the scorched forests. It is only the second time satellite images will be used to identify burnt areas in the country after the forest fires in Cassandra, northern Greece, last year.

“This system was launched with funding from European programs and has been operating since 2003,” said Ioannis Gitas, lecturer at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University.

“Its operation is supported by algorithms so that credible statistical data are produced. The analysis of data from satellite images is done with precision of up to 1 meter,” he added.

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