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Greece’s Red Bull Donkey Cross Honda September 29, 2007

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For Red Bull Donkey Cross winner Thodoros Antoniadis, his Honda was “the vehicle that fits him best.” And no, we’re not talking about a motor bike. Reliable and all-terrain, robust and economical: Thodoros Antoniadis was extremely satisfied with his Honda at the Red Bull Donkey Cross.

thodoros_antoniadis.jpg  And rightly so: the donkey with the unusual name helped the Greek motocross pro to win the most unusual event that the Greek island Sifnos has ever experienced. In the contest, which wasn’t to be taken too seriously, but was technically extremely challenging, 16 contestants competed against each other, alternating between motocross machines and donkeys, in a race over steep, narrow passes, steps, over rough and smooth.

“I’ve been racing for 22 years, but I’ve never won,” Antoniadis said happily and joked “I guess I’ve found the vehicle that fits me best!” He and his 15 rivals had to complete three rounds on Greece’s most traditional mode of transport. No easy feat, if you’re used to accelerator throttles, disc brakes and combustion engines.

The race started on September 22 at 5 p.m. on the main square in Apollonia with a one kilometer-long course on the back of a donkey. During this, the battle for the lead was the least of the participants’ problems, just staying on the backs of their swaying and not the most cooperative mode of transport was a great enough challenge.

The distance that the riders had to cover on the donkey lasted a whole kilometer before they were able to change to a more familiar saddle: on motocross machines, a combination of a scramble, trial and enduro race had to be overcome. The highlight of the circuit: a stairway consisting of 80 steps, which had to be conquered uphill.

The riders sprinted to the finish line again on their donkey’s backs. Coming in second after Antoniadis in the final round was George Zahariou, although his donkey Jane twice didn’t find the prescribed route all that binding. Christos Alexiou came third on Pitsa. The folly also inspired the crowd: more than 3000 spectators made the journey especially for the race.

Source > Newspirits Extremsport Magazin

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