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Homer’s Odyssey September 30, 2007

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The Odyssey is well known to classical scholars all over the world as the epic poem by Homer, the Greek poet. It has as its central character, Odysseus the Greek hero of the Trojan war and chronicles his long and hazardous journey home to Ithaca after the fall of the legendary city of Troy.

Homer writes about the twists and turns in the tale of Odysseus ten year voyage to Ithaca. During this period, his faithful wife Penelope never gave up hope that he will return home despite the amorous advances of many suitors who constantly sought her hand in marriage on the assumption that her husband had died.

Homer also writes about the temptation faced by Odysseus himself when he sailed with his men past the island inhabitated by the beautiful Sirens who with their enchanting songs lured unsuspecting sailors to their deaths on the jagged and rocky coastline.

Fortunately for Odysseus, he had been forewarned about the danger posed by the femme fatales, and as such he took the precaution of asking his men to tie him to the mast of his ship. He also ordered the men to plug their ears with wax so that while he listened to the sweet melodies from his perch on the mast, his men would not hear any orders from him to sail the ship towards the Sirens island. In this way he and his crew sailed past the island without mishap.

The Odyssey ends with Odysseus, after many trials and close shaves, eventually reaching Ithaca from where he had departed 20 years before, to set out for the Trojan wars. The Odyssey is no doubt one of the greatest works of Greek and Western literature.

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