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Be warned > Spyware used to steal from bank customers October 5, 2007

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Greek Police have arrested two men believed to be part of an international gang accused of stealing “significant” amounts of money from Internet users that conducted electronic bank transactions.

Police said the Russia-based gang would locate victims by sending e-mails at random to thousands of Internet users. The e-mails would mislead recipients by telling them they had a won a holiday in the Bahamas or that a woman wanted to meet them for an erotic adventure.

Once opened, the e-mail would install a spyware program that revealed all information stored on the computer, including bank account details. The software would then transfer the banking information to the two suspects, aged 47 and 27, enabling them to withdraw money from the accounts.


  • Do not open any e-mails from unkown and not trusted senders
  • Do not keep or store records of your bank account or other personal identifiable details on your computer
  • Always keep your anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software up-dated
  • Always delete your temporary internet files, cookies, passwords, browsing history and clean your computer’s cache memory when logging out.
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