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Attica’s landfill go-ahead October 11, 2007

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Court approves creation of new dump in Keratea despite protests

The Council of State, the country’s highest administrative court, gave the go-ahead yesterday for a new landfill to be built in Keratea, eastern Attica.

The court ruled against an appeal from residents and local authorities calling for the work to be halted as the site was located in a forested area. The court upheld the decision to build the landfill on the grounds that it is in line with the Constitution and does not breach any laws. The judges found that zoning laws can be overlooked if the project concerns public health and quality of life.

The Council of State has now given the green light for all of the three new dumps the govenment wants to build. The other two are in Fyli, western Athens, and Grammatiko, northeast of the city.

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