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Limassol leads the way in recycling October 11, 2007

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Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou has signed an agreement with recycling company Green Dot Cyprus, to offer recycling services to the town, as well as to four additional councils in the district.

The co-operation agreement, entering into force on January 1, 2008, covers the city of Limassol, Pano Polemidia, Mouttayiaka and Ayios Tyhonas. The programme will see the collection of three types of household waste: paper, glass and PMD [plastic bottles and trays, metal and cartons]. The service will be provided to 190,000 people in Limassol. Green Dot has been offering these services to 60,000 people in smaller councils since the beginning of 2007.

“We are now entering the large-scale phase of the recycling project, which has been tested on a pilot basis in five smaller councils since the beginning of the year. We strongly believe in the potential of waste, which is a valuable commercial commodity. Recycling may not be financially profitable at the moment, but it offers many benefits to the environment and to citizens,” the Mayor said.

Recycling undoubtedly offers great benefits, but comes at a significant cost. “In terms of cost, it is £5 per citizen per year, meaning that the provision of recycling services to Limassol alone will cost £550,000 per year. To cover the whole of Cyprus the cost would be £4 million per year,” explained Constandinos Ioannou, President of Green Dot’s Board of Directors.

Paper and PMD will be collected on a weekly door-to-door basis, while glass will be disposed of at collection points throughout the area. A public information campaign will be launched in November to explain the aims and operational details of the programme to citizens.

The waste will be transported to the Moni Sorting Unit and will then be sent abroad for processing. Cyprus presently does not possess the capacity for treating recycling waste, except for small quantities of plastic which stays in Cyprus for use in the domestic market.

“We are looking into ways of keeping glass in Cyprus for recycling, and using ground glass as raw material for cement-making,” added Kyriacos Parpounas, General Manager of Green Dot Cyprus.

Cyprus has adopted EU Directive 94/62/EC on recycling through domestic legislation. The law dictates that producers and importers of packed products have an obligation to collect and distribute waste packaging and to ensure that they are taken to processing units.

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