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‘Migration in Greek Cinema: 1956-2006’ to be screened at Yale, Chicago and Toronto October 13, 2007

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‘The Marbles’ by Alexis Bisticas, to be shown at Yale, Chicago and Toronto with the emblematic ‘As Far as the Boat’ by Alexis Damianos.

The Greek Parliament and the Thessaloniki Film Festival (TFF) are jointly sending abroad the tribute “Migration in Greek Cinema: 1956-2006,” which was made in collaboration with the Greek Film Center.

One major stop will be at Yale, from October 18-21, where TFF Director Despina Mouzaki is giving a lecture on migration to a conference of the Modern Greek Studies Association. The first screening was at Oxford in June.

Next it goes to Chicago, opening October 16, followed by Toronto, October 24-28.

the_marbles_film.jpg  Among the films in the tribute is “The Marbles”, the first short film by Alexis Bisticas (1964-1995), dedicated to Melina Mercouri, on the return of the Parthenon sculptures to the Acropolis Museum. It was prophetic, as the new Acropolis Museum is now ready. When he made the film, which won an award at the Drama Film Festival in 1989 when the director was 25, international opinion was indifferent to the subject, but has since turned in favor of returning the Parthenon marbles.

The other films in the tribute are “Grammata apo tin Ameriki” (Letters from America) by Lakis Papastathis and “Mechri to ploio” (As Far as the Boat) by Alexis Damianos. It is an honor to the filmmaker who died before his time that his film is being screened first.

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