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December Boys > the movie October 14, 2007

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December Boys > Drama/Australia/UK/US/105 Minutes

Daniel Radcliffe shows that there’s more to him than wizardry in this unexceptional, coming-of-age story set against the glowing seaside cliffs of 1960s Southern Australia. Often wearing a dazed expression, he plays the eldest of four boys from a stark Catholic orphanage who get a chance to leave the Outback for the their first vacation. The boys, Maps, Sparks, Spits and Misty, stay with an aged couple, who like to refer to themselves as “Captain” and “Skipper”, and meet local characters, including a daffy sea dog, a wild black stallion, an ancient fish and a beautiful teen girl. While Radcliffe’s Maps seeks out love and listens to rock music, nerdy-looking Misty (Lee Cormie) has visions of the Virgin Mary and tries to get adopted by a beautiful French woman and her motorcycle-riding husband.

december_boys_poster.jpg  After that summer nothing would ever be the same.

Based on the novel December Boys by Michael Noonan, December Boys is a coming-of-age story about a group of four adolescent orphans who are all born in the same month. The orphans, who are best friends, leave their orphanage for a holiday by the sea. The boys learn of a rumour about two of the seaside residents, who are unable to fall pregnant, possibly adopting one of the orphans.

As the boys compete to become the “most adoptable” by the residents with hopes to gain a real family, tension rises among the orphans severely testing their friendships. “Maps”  (Daniel Radcliffe) has to make the choice between “growing up” and staying big brother to the other lads.

Michael Noonan > Author, Marc Rosenberg > Screenwriter, Rod Hardy > Director

december_boys_film.jpg  The Cast > Daniel Radcliffe > Maps, Teresa Palmer > Lucy, Christian Byers > Spark, Lee Cormie > Misty, James Fraser > Spit, Jack Thompson > Bandy McAnsh, Kris McQuade > Mrs “Skipper” McAnsh, Suzie Wilks > Teresa, Victoria Hill > Teresa, Sullivan Stapleton > Fearless, Ralph Cotterill > Shellback, Frank Gallacher > Father Scully

Currently showing at following Athens theaters > Odeon Cosmopolis, Odeon Starcity, Ster Cinemas (Ilion, St Eleftherios), Village (Rendi, Faliro)

Official Website > http://www.decemberboys.com

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